Baby Logan - Wolverine x Reader

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Summary : You have to tell Logan you're pregnant, and that of course, it's his. You're terrified he won't take it well...

This is part of some sort of a serie, where the reader is afraid to announce their pregnancy. Here's the one I made for Captain America : , and the one for Batman : . Also, slightly NSFW, and sorry if it's a bit crap, I just have so much trouble writing good things lately ! :


It was Storm's 40th birthday party, and you were probably the only person present, along with Logan, that wasn't drunk. Logan because his healing factor prevented him from getting drunk too long, and you because....

-You're not drinking (Y/N) ?

Ororo. The queen of the party. She was drunk since 4 in the afternoon, and was the most hilarious one ever. She kept trying to make sure everyone was having a good time, and unintentionally buzzing them with a small and weak lightning coming out of her fingers. Right now, she was afraid you weren't having fun...

-You always drink, why are you not now ? Hahaha are you pregnant ?

You don't answer and look away. She stares at you, and it hits her.

-Wait you are ?!

-Shut up I didn't tell Logan yet..


-No really, shut up 'Ro !



She looks at you and, in her drunken state, suddenly understand what you just meant. From the corner of your eyes, you make sure Logan didn't pay attention to what just happened, but he's in a conversation with a very drunk Nightcrawler, and seem to have the time of his life listening to your blue friend's Bible stories...Drunk Bible stories. He didn't notice anything. Thanks God. Storm comes close to you and whisper :

-Sorry. You didn't tell him ?

-I've only known for a day...or two...Ok I've known for two month.


-Ro !

-Sorry sorry -she goes back to whispering- two months ?

-Yes. I just...I don't know how to tell him. We never talked about it, or rather we did but he talked about his son, Daken, and then...oh my God I just can't tell him !

-Oh, oh, I know how, I know how ! I can help !

-Yeah ?

-You go to him, and you say : "Logan, I'm pregnant".

-...Thanks Ro'. Really.

-Oh you're very welcome honey ! -hips-

She's about to leave you to go and check on other friends when she really fully realize what you just said. The next thing you know ? You're squeezed against her boobs in a warm embrace (warm because she's kinda burning you with some small lightnings...).

-This is the best birthday present you could give me (Y/N), I'm going to be an aunt !

You smile weakly at her and hug her back.

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