Well, that's awkward - (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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#2. Locked in a closet. Bucky and you are in a...tight situation (I'm not even sorry for terrible puns YO...ALSO I JUST GOT 500 FOLLOWERS THIS IS AMAZING THANK YOU ALL...hope you'll enjoy this story) :


Your face was squeezed against the Winter Soldier's chest, one of your leg was in between his thighs, the other awkwardly kinda crushed on his side. Your arms were around his shoulders, and you could feel his breath on your hair. Damn that closet was small.

-How did that fucking happen again ?

He doesn't answer. Of course he doesn't answer. He so rarely speak...You try to get a little bit away from him so you can face him, and end up crashing your lips on his neck instead. Because of your proximity with him, you can hear his heart immediately starting to beat wildly.

-Bucky ?

You can feel him trying to get away as best he could, but the closet you two got locked in was just too tight for him to really be able to.

-Bucky are you alright ? Are you having a heart attack ?

He takes a deep breath, and finally speaks, though his voice is a bit shaky :

-I'm fine.

-You sure ?


-Alrighty then...For real though, if it's a heart attack...

-It's not a heart attack !

Awkward silence ensues. Of course. So you guys were not going to talk about the fact that the reason you were in this closet was because you were making out, and he freaked out when he heard a sound, shoving the both of you into the nearest hiding place...A very small closet. And of course, it locked itself as he closed the door behind you. Alright then, not talking about it...Of course, it was just a thing that was born in the heat of the moment, totally didn't mean anything ! You were arguing with him about his reckless behavior, and all of a sudden, your tongue was in his mouth, and he was kissing you. That happens all the time right ?

Just like the fact that Steve asked specifically you to keep an eye on his best friend, asked youto stick around while he couldn't be there, and make sure Bucky wouldn't do anything stupid, meant nothing. You guys were friends. Just friends. That kissed. Passionately. Let's not talk about it at all. Instead, let's talk about the fact that you were locked in a fucking closet.

Turned out, the "sound" he heard, and that he thought was a danger, was just the wind blowing threw the window...Ok so his automatic response to what he thought was a "danger" was cute, hiding, protecting you, because he genuinely thought you guys were under attack, it happened so often...So yeah, it was cute, but, come on, the wind ? AND IN A FUCKING CLOSET THAT COULD BARELY HOLD TWO PEOPLE ?!

His heart still beat wildly, and you're a bit worried. He definitely didn't sound good.

-Bucky, are you sure you good ? Because for real your heart...

-Beats fast because you're really close to me. It always does.

You freeze, and he shifts awkwardly once again.

-That sounded stupid, right ?

No. That didn't. At all. Actually, quite the opposite. It made your heart beat fast.

You don't think you could get any closer from him than you already are, and instead of responding, you kiss his neck once more. And his heart goes even crazier than it already was.

-That...didn't sound stupid ?

You pull away.

-No Bucky, that didn't sound stupid.

Unfortunately, in the position you two were in, you couldn't reach his lips, but hey, his neck tasted sweet so you were fine with it...Given the fact that he was clearly trying to stop from moaning, you guessed he was fine with it too.

-(Y/N) I...

Short silence, that you break :

-You ?

-I think I...I think what I feel is...I...Love.

-You...love ?


-What ?

-I love. You.


-Are you...ok ? Was that...Too much maybe ? I'm sorry, forget about it...

Bucky was a man of a few words, he always went to the point and sometimes, it got you by surprise. Like right now. Wow. Talk about a revelation right ? But you know what ? You realized that...


-No ?

-It wasn't too much...I love you too Bucky.

You wish you could see his face, but in the position you two were it was impossible, so instead you sucked a little on his pulse point, he moaned lowly and...The door from the closet suddenly opened and you two jumped, falling out of it. Bucky caught you in his arms and pulled you close to him to damped your fall, man that dude had some incredible reflexes. You fell on him and he hit the floor with a loud thud.

-...What...What were you guys doing in the closet ?

You look up, and get on your feet as fast as you could, straightening a bit.

-Oh hey Steve. Hum we...We...hum...

You went blank. What were you going to say ? That you were making out with his best friend ? Which lead you to get lock in a small closet ? And that you were devouring his neck just seconds ago ? Bucky answered for you, and his words made you burst into laughter. Steve just stared at the two of you, confused as Hell...What the hell did his friend meant by : "I got scared of the wind" ?

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