"Why am I feeling this way ?" - Loki x Reader

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Originally posted on my Tumblr : http://ellana-ravenwood.tumblr.com/post/179660750588/why-am-i-feeling-this-way-reader-x-loki, but since my stories kept being stolen, thought I'd upload it here too. 

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It was strange.

And Loki couldn't quite understand it.

Usually, he would find things he didn't understand irritating. How dare "they" resist his intellect ?

But this ? This was fine.

This wasn't unpleasant, which made him understand it even less and yet...yet where he should have felt annoyance and resentment, he just could just feel bliss and that stupid happiness that made him so sappy and cheesy.

This all ordeal was very much unlike him. And he was strangely OK with that. He...

A warm hand coming to rest on his bear stomach, followed by more warmth snuggling into his side, took him out of his reverie.

He turned his head and...There you were.

Peacefully sleeping, seeking him unconsciously in your shared bed.

You were drooling a bit, which he usually would have been disgusted about.

He required from everyone he slept with to be impeccable and elegant, even in their sleep or as they were barely awake. And if they weren't, he'd simply kick them out for displeasing him (and be grateful that kicking them out was the only thing he did to them). Many men and women found themselves thrown out roughly from his bedroom, throughout those past millenium.

But you ? He was pretty sure that even if you didn't shower for months and be a total slob, he would still think you were the most beautiful creature that ever walked this Universe.

So he let you drool a bit, and lightly snoring, as you cuddled up closer to him...And it was such a relief, that you rolled back to his side.

In your sleep, you had drifted away (which is what initially woke him up, the loss of your warmth tearing him away from his sleep) and...

Here it was again.

That feeling Loki couldn't quite grasp and yet welcomed gracefully.

That feeling that stopped him from grabbing your body and dragging you back to him.

That feeling that made him care about your wellbeing before his. Not bringing you back to him even if he really wanted to, so he wouldn't risk waking you up and hindering your sleep.

Usually, he wouldn't have cared at all. If he wanted to feel you near, he would have gotten hold of you and forcibly dragged you near, even if it meant any kind of discomfort to you. As long as HE could fall back asleep, whatever.

But there was that feeling.

The one that made him not utter a move, knowing your sleep was light.

Hell, that feeling that made him want to have you near in the first place ?! He would have, normally, not cared about this. On the contrary, he used to think clingy lovers were the worst, and here he was, craving your warmth so much...

Loki wasn't sure of what "that feeling" really was, though he had some ideas.

He was just not read yet to try and articulate precisely what it was he felt.

He was Loki.

God of Mischief.

Evil to the core (or so they say).

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