How do you feel

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I began to unzip his pants.

"I bet would be so much better than your hand right???

"Oh sh*t" he moaned.

I gigled and i could already see his erection. I rubbed my hand over his length and he moaned. I never knew i could make someone feel this way he was totally turning me on.

He ripped off his jeans and moved us so i was sitting on the edge of the bed and he was in between my legs.

I started to unbutton his shirt revealing his toned body i was totally in awe. "you like what you see?" he asked i quickly nodded making him chuckle.

I was just running my fingers over his chest and his shoulders just taking him all in. He gentley took my chin and brought it up to his lips and i realized during the kiss this wasnt lust it was something else. he started to trail down my neck leaving wet kisses. I was a moaning mess. I reached down at the hem of his boxers and i looked at him for permisson and he franted it to me.

I felt his length for the first time and ohboy was he big. He was moaning my name and cursing under his breath.

Instarted to move my hand up and down."Faster,Faster" he moaned. I did as he pleased and i could feel him jerk in my hands"oh shit ,Im Gonna Cum" i started to go faster " whispering in his ear "cum for me ". "oh baby please dont stop, you make me feel so good". then i felt him cum and i bent down to lick it and it didnt taste bad at all.

I cleaned him up."your turn jJulie he smirked.

***** noise********

Then someone knocked on the door.............

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