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* hey guys i know its been awhile but idk if i was hacked or what because i couldnt get in my account for FREAKIN two months! im sooo sorry for not updating thank you guys for waiting patiently!<3*

I woke up the next morning to nash snoring. The best part about it was, i was in his arms and i felt safe. I never felt this way with anyone but it felt right. when i finally woke up i put on my unerwear and stole nashs white button up, i went to go pee and to hopefully make breakfast if hayes wasnt home. I opened the door a crack and heard a groan thinking it was nash i turned around but he was sound asleep. I crept out of his room trying to not make any noise so i wouldnt wake him up.As i kept getting closer to the noise i noticed that it was hayes room, the door was open a crack. As i looked i was totally blown away hayes was jerking off saying cus words with my names in it.

I started to feel wet inbetween my legs and quickly ran downstairs trying to make no noise! I couldnt be feeling this way about hayes, i mean he cheated on me and i just had sex with nash! As i was running down stairs i ran into will.
"late night julie??" he asked laughing.

"hahahaha very funny will".

"listen i wont tell hayes about you know what" he grined, "but you will have to tell him at some point".

"i know and i will trust me i just need the right time you know".

"i get it! just dont go breaking both of my brothers hearts okay"

"i wont" i laughed!

I quickly made breakfast for nash. I started with pancakes with chocolate chips in them his favorite and also made eggs and hashbrowns with a side of orange juice. I even got one if thoose cool trays for the breakfast! I made my way up the stairs without dropping anything and may i say i an very proud of myself.

i opened nash's door to find him still asleep it was 9:30. So i decided to try and wake him up by whispering in his ear and kissing his neck while rubbing up his torso. "what are you doing?!?? do you want to to give me a boner?"
i was laughing

"no I want to wake you up you freakin butt"

"noooooo" he groaned.And may i add his sexy morning voice was so sexy ughhhh it made me sexually frustrated.
He finally got up and we were just sitting there on his bed
"c'mon i made breakfast"looking over by the food on his dresser.

"i have a better idea for breakfast"he said kissing my neck and rubbing up my sides.

"NASHHH"i pushed him playfully while laughing! See now these, these were the good moments Ive never been so happy in my life! He interlocked my hands with his and everything was perfect
i then heard a noise.
ohhh shit.

~ ik this is short but i have many more to come i feel bad about being freakin licked out wnd not posting for 2 months so im gonna update every Friday and Monday! thank you babes for reading and ill see you Friday
stay bad💘

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