Only you !!! (Hayes&nashgrier)

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Ok this is my first ever book.I tried it before but it didnt really let me update so here we go!!!

And i heard madison and hayes are together !!! And idky but after that i suddenly looked into the grier boys!!! their eyes tho !!!!!!!

They can melt you !!!!! AND MAKE U FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM..... plus they are extremely please vote and read my book. Trust me it will be intersting. this is not an update more like what do u guys want in this book. PLZZZZZZZ comment your ideassssss. I think i know what im going to do but i would like to have some opinons on it so pleasee help me out.follow me to :)! comment if u want to know my ideas . im thinking of updating every friday?????? comment what u think ..... soo yeahhh TRUST MEE u will surely like my book

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