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Hey my loves i know ive missed two thursdays and im so sorry i tried writing but i just couldnt.I dont know what im doing in life if that makes sense.Do you ever just not know what to do and feel so lost? Im in my senior year and im so confused nobody probably cares but idk i feel like no body feels the same way. And senior year is so fricking stressful and its only been like a month and im so scared because i dont even know exactly but just even thinking about school gives me anxiety. Maybe this is just because i have my period(tmi but its natural so if anyone says eww or whatever it happens s0)sorry that this was like a rant but idk i want to connect with you guys serious because i dont want anyone feeling alone and how i feel which at this point idek how i feel. And sorry if there are any errors in this and for not posting i just feel so lost rn.Also sorry if you are reading this and your like bishhh wtf im not looking for pity or anything i just wanted to know if anyone could relate?!? Well anyways its 4:52 am here so i should probably go to sleep goodnight guys!!<333333


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