Bad girls

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I've never felt so mad before in my life. I wanted to scream and hit him, hit her. I didn't know what to do. All the boys were starring at me like I was crazy.

" What's wrong babe" Hayes asked

"Don't call me babe "I said crying. "I trusted you what is this?" I asked him which I could hardly get out because of how much I was crying. I showed him the picture from twitter and he looked at it for a second, and then looked away.

" Julie !!!! let me explain" Hayes tried to grab my arm but I tugged it out of his grip.

"Don't touch me!!!!!!! your disgusting " I screamed in his face.

I stormed out of there so mad how could Hayes and Madison do this to me. Madison was one of my best friends and she kissed my boyfriend. Let me tell you I was a mess, I was walking home. My eyes are probably puffy and red but I don't care.

As I was walking home I heard someone behind me "Hayes leave me alone"! I said ,but it wasn't Hayes .


( When Julie just left)

I watched Julie walk out of my house , I have never seen her this upset.

Hayes was crying. which was funny but I didn't laugh because he just hurt my girl.

Wait she not my girl why did I just say that! stupid voice in my head.

"Hayes" was all I could say before walking out of the house to find Julie and make sure she's safe.

But walking out of the door I heard Hayes say "I'm sorry,it was a mistake I'm sorryyy".!!


"Nash what are you doing here?" I asked him

" I had to make sure you were okay, listen Julie I always have thought about you, my brother isn't right for you , I am I wanna make love to you because I love you. And I have loved you!!!!.

Before I could realize that I was standing in front of my front door. Nash put my his lips to my ear and seductively said" jump". So I did as I was told and put my arms around his neck and my legs wrapped around his waist.

Nash put his soft lips to mine and for the fist time I asked for entrance. He let me so our tongues fought and in a quick move he opened the door, without breaking the kiss.

My parents left a note saying they would be home Tommorrow , they had to stay for a work trip. Nash carried me to my room never breaking our heated kiss.

He brought me to my bed and layed me down underneath him. Both of his hands were on each side of my head. I tried to be on top but me wouldn't let me.

I never realized before that I was craving his touch and that I wanted him.

So I used all my power and I finally got on top of him and We just looked at eachother for a while. I grabbed the hem of his shirt never breaking eye contact asking if it was okay, and of course he nodded. so I pulled off his shirt to find a toned body and I moaned a little after I noticed what came out of my mouth I covered it with my hand, Nash chuckled . He sat up so we both were crisscross sitting in front of eachother . Nash grabbed my right hand and put it on his lower stomach and I worked my way up, I then started to kiss his jawline making him moan, it was the most sexiest thing I have ever heard.

With ought breaking the kiss he layed us down and straddled me on top of him. He stopped kissing me and just looked up at me and smirked at me as I blushed.


Right now I was starring at the most beautiful girl in the world. I was surprised when she got on top but it was nice , I brushed a piece of hair out of her face behind her ear to take in her beauty .

I was u willing myself not to have sex with her, I have had sex a couple of times and I regret them. I want to wait for her and it to be special so she won't regret having sex with me.

She started to kiss my jawline and I moaned a little trying to keep it in, I could feel my pants getting tighter at my area. She tugged at the button on my pants ,and I bit my lip but I knew I couldn't so I grabbed her her hand to stop her. She looked embarrassed and looked away "was I really that bad" she asked looking away.

"That's what your worried about"i asked but she didn't reply. "Julie you are the best and we didn't even have sex yet " as she blushed . I sat up and pulled her on my thigh and I grabbed her chin so she was facing me and told her" I want to be the one to take your virginity I want it to be special ".

She looked at me and smirked she leaned in and our tongues were dancing around each others mouths. To my surprise she put her hand on my growing area and started to rub me, I couldn't keep the moan in so as we were kissing I was moaning like crazy. I could feel her smile under the kiss ,I put my hand on her thigh to bring her closer to deepen the kiss.

I started to rub her thigh and moved an inch closer every time until I reached her skirt . I stopped myself I had to stop "Julie I can't "I told her, "I know but we can still have some fun". she told me as she smirked. I was so lucky to love her but we didn't do anything we just cuddled after that and watched the titanic.

When it was two in the morning I told her I had to go home , she told me to stay but I had to leave. As I was walking out she jumped on my back "never leave me"she said and I told her" I would never" so I went to go sleep on her couch but she pulled me off and led me to her room. "This is more comfortable" she told me and I grabbed her by the waist and put her down on her bed . I was on top and I pecked her lips and told her something I thought I would never say.

"I love you"

"Nash I love you too"


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