f*ck me right

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First of all I would just like to say I love every single one of you 💘💘thank you so much for 22.06K honestly I couldn't of done it without you guys I'm totally in awe. I never would've thought this could've happened to me!!! like AFGRJIfBKRJOBTVIBDyJ dind !! I can't even comprehend what is going on right now but I just want to say thank you so much I hope you keep reading my book and yeah!!💘💘

secondly I would just want to say Theo James is probably the most sexiest person besides Macon guys that I've been like in love 🙊💕with him so I'm kind of thinking of doing a sex lessons on theo james 😏.so I don't know but like I'm just leaving it up to you guys so comment if you would read it because if not then totally fine and ive been thinking of doing a Jack Gilinsky smut because he is life💘 so then again it's all up to you guys, if you have any requests also on imagines you would like me to do on any character doesn't matter who it is or I can just be a regular guy I will write so thank you for reading this please comment and I will definitely reply to you 💕

julies pov
"shit" nash exhales, "what's the matter" I say "nothing Wills home and he probably wants to joke about what he heard.
"yeah nash for a first time getting it on i applaud you , be safe " will chuckles.

"he such a jerk" nash exclaims. "where were we" i say looking up at him shyly. "hmmmmm" nash looks at my shorts and un buttons them and i giggle. He starts to rub me from my panties. "Does daddy make you feel good?" nash looks over at me .

Now I don't know what got to me but it totally turned me on. "Yes daddy " i exhaled. Before nash could respond i got onto his lab and roughly crashed my lips onto his grinding my hips a bit. he moaned.and god did i want him more than ever. He took off my shirt leaving me in a red bra and black
panties. He moaned just seeing me, imagine how he will feel afterwhat i do to him.
Nash picks me up with my feet wrapped around his waist and puts me on the bed hovering over me,right now im scared but excited at the thought of what we will be doing all night.
he unclasps my bra leaving me in my panties and him in boxers. "Julie you are so beautiful , are you sure". I didnt respond i just crashed my lips in to him and while we were kissing i pulled down his boxers."julie i want it to be special for you". "it will, now please i need you " i beg. "okay i wont go rough ill be gentle. "no" i say "give it to me rough" he looks at me suprised. But pulls down my panties and starts to rub me and boy does he know what he is doing.
he looks at me sweetly and i know hes gonna be gentle so i move us quickly so im on top and i start to ride him roughly. He cant even open his eyes. To be honest it hurt like a b*tch but it was worth it. "julie your so F*cking tight, ride me babby. And i do as i am told i start to kiss him and he kisses me roughly and moves us and im on bottom and im scared. "You want it roughy baby"?. "yes daddy" i say. before i can even comprehend what i just said he thrust so hard into me hitting my gspot instatnly. "Oh shit nash". i was moaning mess running my fingers into his messy brown with a hint of blond hair.

"julie come for me baby". my legs were shaking and i started to feel a knot in my stomach, so i started to grind my hips to his. "Oh Shit julie im close" . In a matter of seconds we both came and it felt so good. nash kept thrusting to ride out his high and my legs were shaking. When he rode out his high he kissed me and it was a sloppy kiss and to finish it i bit his lip leaving him groaning my mame. he kissed down my body until reaching my area. Just his breath hitting my spot made me whimper.

" are you really that sore , did i hurt you baby girl?".
"yes i am but No you didnt hurt me it was perfect" i nod kissing his nose"

"you are so sexy im so lucky" he took me up into his lap and started to trace his fingers all over my body.I put my face into his shoulder and whispered in his ear.

" no, how did i get so lucky".
and looked into his eyes saying "i love you"
"i love you more" he responded.
"not possible" i said shaking my head.
"yes possible "he said grabbing my chin to bring his lips to mine for a
pssionate kiss. 💘💘💘💘

so what do you think ¿? I hope you enjoyed it love you guys please comment🌸✌️if you know what that "I love you "I love you more "thing is from you , I probably love you💘💘💘
Anyways stay bad
love yous💕💘

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