Lesson1 - such a tease

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i know its late but i promised today so here you go guys💚💜❤💙💛💕

I was surprised when she said yes. I have liked her for a while and hated seeing her with my brother. It killed me when I saw them kissing. So that's kinda why I started dating Lauren so I could get my mind off of Julie, but obviously it hasnt been working. I kinda of figured my brother hasnt touched her yet because he wouldn't know what to do with himself.



"So what's this lesson going to be about" i ask him
"I'm going to teach you to be a tease, since usually we start with kissing but I know you know how to kiss". he says smirking
"Yeah true wait you've seen me kiss your brother".
"No but I know what and how my brother thinks". he says
"Oh" I say smirking and biting my lip
"You trust me right ?" he asks me
"Yeah of course I do " I tell him

Before I could even process what was going on.Nash grabbed my face and for the first I felt nervous but safe at the same time.
He kissed me so gentle and passionately. I grabbed his face to deepen the kiss and he was starting to bite my lip but parted away and grinned turning his face. I felt so so disappointed and I wanted more. Man he was such a good kisser!
"How was that he asked do you want more"he asked me
"Yea a little " I said biting my lip
"You want to try" he asked me
" Can you handle it "I say
He just laughs.So I lean it and kiss him asking for enterance with my tounge and he let me in and our tounges fought together he won of course. But I had to tease him so I bit his lip very slowly stretching out his bottom lip he moaned a little. And right when I finished his eyes still closed I pressed my lips a bit and said "how was that for a first lesson" I breathed on his lips.
"Man you are a tease" he said laughing
"What was that moan about to" I ask
"Well you did make me feel good" he says
I blushed" we should go down there they are playing truth or dare" I say
"Alright you go down first" Nash says. "Ok" is all I can say with a big smile on my face.

" WHAT TOOK you so long "Matt asked
"I had girly things to do" I said tensed up
"Yo bro you comin or what" Hayes yelled to Nash
"Yeah I'm comin dude" Nash yelled

"Who's ready to play " cam yelled
"Alright let's do this" I say
Ok so we all sit in a circle so its me Hayes Matt carter Shawn cam Nash jack j and jack g (came over while we were upstairs I guess) and Taylor sat on the other side of me. So Taylor was first and he asked Matt truth or dare
"Dare" he says
"All right I dare you to go get milk and pour it in your underwear" Taylor said
"Alright" Matt says I start to laugh and take out my phone and vine it.He runs out with a jug of milk and pours it in his underwear screaming.
So he changes and comes back "alright Hayes truth or dare?" Matt asks
"Dare" Hayes tells him
"I dare you to go give your brother some love" I start hysterical laughing. he goes up to Nash hugs him and gives him a kiss on the check. ok so it's Nash's turn now so of course he picks me!

" Julie truth or dare"
I knew I had to pick dare or else's I would be a wimp

He laughs "ok I dare you to come and kiss.............."

So comment who is she going to kiss??¿?
Comment what you think and also I want to know should this be dirty or nah..also
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