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Julia's pov

The whole car ride to my house i kept repeating what Hayes had said to me and could not get it out of my head. I think Nash could sense my anxiety and turned asking whats wrong and i froze"i uhhh i uhhh" what do i do tell him things have become good between us and thats his brother i don't want to come in between them again so i just made an excuse"I'm just thinking of what i should pack" i blurted out"oh okay well don't bother packing any lingerie because they wont be on you for long" he said biting his lip and i couldn't help but smirk". "Oh yeah and why is that" i said looking into those beautiful blue eyes." He turned keeping his eyes straight on the road "oh you will find out dont you worry". I immediately crossed my legs feeling the wetness start to form this boy is going to destroy me literally (hahaha get it okay byee).We made it to my house and Nash was waiting for me outside while i went to go quickly pack my things. As soon as i closed the door Hayes immediately came to my mind which i tried pushing away but i couldn't why would he do that he knows I'm with his brother and he was the one who cheated on me.What now he's jealous?! wait why am i over thinking this?!? Im with Nash j need to st..."JULIA LETS GO IM GETTING BORED AND LONELY" Nash yelled from outside. I shook out of my thoughts and grabbed all of my belongings and changed into a cozy outfit for this car ride

 I walked to Nash's car trying to get the the thoughts out of my head because I'm not going to let Hayes get to me

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I walked to Nash's car trying to get the the thoughts out of my head because I'm not going to let Hayes get to me. I got in and was greeted by Nash's smile and I immediately was in a daze."You changed i love it babebut i live my shirts on you more" he said biting his lip "had to be cozy for this ride and maybe tonight ill be in just your shirt nothing else" blushing, " oh i lobe the sound of that" he said giggling. i rolled down the window sticking my feet out "Im excited since its just going to be us two in the car" i said turning to him "i know we will have alone time together i cant wait, i just need to go home to go get my things". We finally arrive to his house and he puts it in park while I wait for him he runs in and as 20 minutes pass by i hear a door slam which causes me to turn my head as I see Nash and Hayes walking approaching the car. Hayes gets in the back followed by Nash getting in the front"thanks for letting me come with you guys" Hayes says smirking as i look at Nash he just mouthes I'm sorry and I immediately think wow this day just keeps getting better and better. Trying to not get relax i go into my duffle bag i brought with me and grab my headphones and start listening to some music this should be fun.

Hayes pov
I wanted julia so bad thats the only reason i got in the car i was thinking of how i would try to win her back when i was pulled out of my thoughts as i watched Nash rest his hand on my julia. I watched his hand run up and down her thigh and i was boiling they both smirked at each other and i was beyond pissed how could she do this?!? how could he do this. Ill show her what shes missing I'm the only person that will make her tremble and scream.

Oh I'm going to have so much fun on this trip.

Dun dun dunnnnnnn what do you guys think is going to happen?!? Sorry this is short and if any mistakes or spelling errors I'm human okay! i just really wanted to post:))) But hmmm i wonder what is hayes up too

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