What do i want

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Did I just hear him correctly , and the words left my mouth before I could think.
I was very confused I just told Nash I love him mean while I been telling Hayes that while we were going out. My thoughts were getting jumbled so I knew I was falling asleep.
The last thing I remember was a hand brushing the side of my check .

THE DREAM: I woke up to find Hayes laying next to me. he kept repeating " what do u want, pick". I didn't know what to say I just stood there. "Julie pick me or him?" he said pointing to Nash. "I don't know "was all I could say, because I didn't know what I want. I wanted the both of them"choose julie "Nash said interrupting me. "I DON'T KNOW" I screamed before I woke up.

I woke up to an empty bed, and a note nash left during the night. But it was true I didn't know who I liked. Is it weird that I wanted two people, but I always thought about Hayes and how he cheated on me, I needed to know if I still had feelings for him. Also I needed to tell Nash how I felt, but how would he react I mean we're not technically dating yet. All I knew was I need to tell him.
I had to go to his house, so i walked over to the griers and knocked. To my suprise hayes opened the door "julie ..hi" "hey is nash home" i asked him. "Yeah in his room" , "thank you i told him and gave him a kiss on the check.

I walked upstairs and heard a couple of groans mixed with my name ,but i just brushed it off. I knocked "nash"? I heard him mumble/curse" ill be right there"
I walked in and i smirked and acted "stupid" and said "what took you so long to open the door" while he sat down on his bed and i sat down on his lap.

I could already feel his erection growing." i was just cleaning my room" "mhmmm was all i said before i started to lightly grind on him. "ohhh f*ck julie" i laughed before he started to roughly kiss me. During the kiss i started to palm him through his pants "mhmmm" he groaned. But then i stopped "why are you a tease" he asked. i smirked while i started to un zip his pants.

"I bet i would be so much better than your hand , right?"

"Oh sh*t " he moaned

So i want to appoligize for being super late, i literally hate school im a freshman by the way(comment what grade your in) but i promise im back now so 🌸✌️
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