lake house

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You guys are amazing i love seeing your feedback!! Girl in photo is Julie


"Oh shit" I replied
I look up to see Nash's mom peeping through the doorway.
"Mom its not what its looks like" Nash tries to explain while covering up his naked self from the previous nights events.
"Uh huh" Elizabeth(Nash's mom) says eyeing us down."Well you two get dressed and come down stairs we have a surprise for the family and we will talk about this later" she replies leaving us two in Nash's room.
I get up and go to put my shorts on bending over in front of Nash to be the little tease i am. As i do so i hear a grunt and i turn my head to see Nash's (hmmm what should i call it) hard on spring up touching his stomach.And i bit my lip at the sight but got all the nasty thoughts out of my head because we had to be downstairs.
"Baby we cant we need to go downstairs" i said smirking knowing damn well what i was doing."Well i don't know seeing you in only my t shirt and seeing that pretty little pink kitten of yours right in front of me, makes it a little hard Julie" he says watching my every move. "Well keep it together no messing around I mean it Nash"i say looking at him. As i get continue to button my shorts i feel his hard on on my lower back and he pushes my upper body so my chest is on his dresser and full on grinds into my body, making me whimper from the contact. "You really don't want this because i think you do "he says wrapping my hair in his hand and pulling not hard but hard enough so i my body is right up against his."fuck "i grunt as i feel him bring up his hands up to my waist about to take of my shirt while kissing my neck
"Haha you have to be quicker then that" i say running down the stairs and going into the kitchen to be greeted by Elizabeth and Chad(his parents) and will sitting at the kitchen table sipping his coffee. I hear footsteps coming down the steps only to see a yawning shirtless Hayes with his messy dark brown hair as my eyes travel down to his beautiful abs i snap out of my thoughts. Hayes looks at me questioningly "what are you doing here" he asks eyeing me up and down."i ughhhhh....." "she was helping me with that summer assignment" Nash says while pulling down his white v neck and winking at me seeing that i was relieved i didn't have to answer that question. "Must have been some summer assignment" Will said under his breath while Elizabeth choked on her coffee.
Hayes looked so confused but just yawned and sat down next to will.
"Okay so the big surprise is me and your father had planned to go on a trip and go visit the lake house and stay for the weekend!oh and Julie i already asked your parents and they said it was not a problem since i know we all will be in our best behavior right?!" She asked giving me a wink and we all shook our head in sync
"Fantastic pack your bags kids were going on a road trip"
We all got up  and i went to go to the door so i could go home and pack."Wait Julie ill meet you outside ill drive you home,ill meet you outside" "okay i say heading to the door when i feel my but being squeezed and look up to see Hayes."hmmm Nash's shirts look good on you but mine would look better remember that" he said as he eyed me up and down walking away and going upstairs. I stood there shocked and in awe.This weekend was going to be the longest weekend, what the hell did i get myself i to?!?!!
Sorry if there was any mistakes but i wanted to get this right up for you and i hope you guys enjoyed it!!!💓💓💓

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