What I learned

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I was so scared and nervous at the same time.I didn't know what to expect from Nash.

"I dare you to come and kiss Hayes".
I was a little upset that he didn't say him but I mean I was happy to make him jealous. so I got up and sat right in front of Nash across from Hayes. I looked at Nash before I could say anything Hayes was already leaning in. This would be fun.

So I remembered what Nash told me and me and Hayes made out a little bit and I grabbed his face and I went to go bite his lip, but then I heard the guys all say"ewwwww get a room guys". so I pulled away and was confused I mean i was in love with Hayes but when I kissed him it didn't feel right, but when I kissed Nash it was like the world stopped spinning and it was just me and him in the world.

"When did you get so good" Hayes asked me
"I guess practice makes perfect " I smirked and knew Nash was grinning.

So when it was jack Johnson turn he spinned the bottle and of course it was me. "truth or dare"? he asked me. "Ummm dare" I said nervously. "ok this should be funny I dare you to do 7 minutes in heaven with Nash" he smirked. "ummm" was all can say looking at Hayes.

"Dudeee" Hayes said annoyed.
"Well she is the only girl here and come on you really think there going to do anything"!.
"True fine" Hayes said turning to me

I got up and pecked Hayes on the lips. and me and Nash walked into their bathroom. Thank god there bathrooms are sound proof. "I'm gonna time it for 5 minutes so we can clean ourselves up after" he said to me.
Before I could process we were finally alone he put me up on the sink counter and started to kiss me but it wasn't rough it was soft and passionate.

Already felt like and hour and he took my right hand and put it in his shirt to feel his toned body we both moaned at the same time, he stopped kissing me but he never detached his lips from mine and all he said was "julieee" and he moaned it. I have never been so turned on so i smashed our lips together and I never wanted to it to stop.


I knew that they wouldn't do anything. And yea I did cheat on Julie with Madison but it was a huge mistake. Julie will never find out because it shouldn't have happened. It was after we got into a fight two days ago and I went to a party and was so stupid and mad and angry. I knew Madison had a thing for me so I kissed her but it didn't mean anything to me.

I never will forgive myself for if Julie finds out, which she never will. It's been like 7 minutes and there finally walking out ,they look fine there lips look normal not sweaty and hair isn't messy. So they didn't do anything ! I mean I know I'm a hypercrite but our relationship means the world to me and I don't want to lose her. I think I love her. No I don't think I know I love her. I would lose myself to her(virginity).


SO we cleaned ourselves up after and Nash was smiling and starring at me. "we should go out now" I said blushing." where's my goodbye kiss" Nash said . so I pecked him on the cheek. we walked out of the bathroom.

We came back to the circle and just sat down in our places and my phone went off and it was my twitter feed!

It was Madison she posted a picture and it was Hayes and her kissing at Cameron's party. his hands were all over her. She wrote BEST BOYFRIEND EVER 💙💜❤💘💕

I was so mad all I could say was " WHAT THE ,HAYESSS" I SCREAMED and a tear fell out and before I knew it I was crying and my skin was boiling.

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