Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Lediya was startled. "What did you just say?"

Zhong Zhengdong smiled and answered the question like a gentleman. "The praises you were singing earlier were very touching. I hope that you can tell them to that woman. Brainwash her. Let her know how good I am and that being able to be with me is her fortune. Think of a way to make her fall in love with me. Of course, I will give you a considerable amount of rewards afterward. Haven't you always said that you wanted a house in Manhattan? I can buy one to gift to you as thanks."

Lediya's face turned pale instantly. She dared not believe her ears. Zhong Zhengdong actually wanted her to help him persuade another woman to love him? He actually wanted her to help speak up for him?

Lediya really loved this man. His words had truly hurt her, enraged her. Crying, she started making a fuss thinking that in his heart, she still held some weight. However, she did not know that in Zhong Zhengdong's eyes, she had never held any significance to him nor had he promised her anything.

Zhong Zhengdong's face sunk. "You are unwilling?"

"Only ghosts would be willing to help you! You have no conscience! Ruthless! Unfeeling!"

"Since you cannot do it for me, why would you promise me so easily that you are willing to do anything for me?"

"Because I was happy to say that! Did you think only men can say sweet words? Women can do it too! Zhong Zhengdong, let me tell you this, if you don't apologize to me today, we are finished!" Lediya was so furious that she was hysterical, not seeing the impatience in Zhong Zhengdong's eyes.

"If that's the case, please leave, I won't send you off.' He cut straight to the point, too lazy to entertain her any further.

His indifference made Lediya even madder. She rushed forward wanting to slap him.

Zhong Zhengdong caught her wrist easily, the strength he used enough to crush her bones, causing her face to pale and she started crying from the pain.

Zhong Zhengdong just stared at her coldly, his expression frosty. His entire body emitted a murderous aura, finally scaring Lediya.

She had never seen Zhong Zhengdong with this kind of expression before. His eyes seemingly looking at an ant, cruel and ruthless. It felt like the sweet mutterings of the past were just a dream and he was as much a stranger to her as another passer-by in her life would be. The palm that had been firmly gripping her wrist had been tightening continually, the force enough to snap her bone in half.

Lediya was terrified. At this moment, she finally realized that she had angered him. She realized that she was nothing in his heart. If he wanted to destroy her, she wouldn't even have the power to resist.

"It hurts...... I was wrong......Please......I don't dare to anymore......I beg you......" She was in so much pain that she plead for mercy, tears and cold sweat flowing uncontrollably, afraid that he had already broken her wrist. She was really really scared of him now.

Zhong Zhengdong suddenly shoved her, throwing her to a servant at the side. "Take her away. Don't let me see her again." He commanded.

He turned and walked towards the backyard, completely tossing Lediya to the back of his mind. That cold and ruthless expression of his immediately turned into a gentle smile as soon as he saw the mother and son.

"Uncle!" Cheng Cheng ran over happily as soon as he saw Zhong Zhengdong.

Zhong Zhengdong lifted him up and used his hand to rub the hair of the little devil, asking him about his day and if he had played anything fun today.

The little devil is now full of admiration for him. Uncle Zhong is the first person who had seen them in trouble and had bothered to help them. Additionally, Uncle Zhong would always surprise him, not only teaching him how to fly planes but also to swim and ride horses. A child's heart is simple. Whoever is nice to him, he will repay them with a smile and love.

Cheng Cheng has long since regarded Uncle Zhong as family and would stick to him whenever there was a chance.

"Do you want to learn something new today?"

The little devil's eyes sparkled. "Learn what?"


The little devil frowned and looked disappointed. "Chess...." Actually he preferred to do sports and other similar activities. He is at an energetic age and can't sit still.

"Chess can help to train your brain. Although exercise is good, no matter how nimble your limbs are, if you do not have a clever brain, it will be wasted. Don't tell me you only wish to be an athletic but simple-minded person?"

Of course, the little devil shook his head immediately. "No, I want to be a smart person! I want to be as smart as uncle to be able to protect mummy!"

Zhong Zhengdong laughed. "A wise decision. Chess is a type of fighting game, but far more useful than those online games. Now, you will go learn with Anna."

"Ah? You aren't going to teach me, uncle?"

"You will learn how to play from Anna first. When you are done, then you can come and find me to fight okay?"

Cheng Cheng thought for a while and nodded. "Okay."


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