Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Zhong Zhengdong glared at his phone. The little rabbit dared to reject his call? He didn't want to accept it and called again. This time she actually directly switched off her phone! This ungrateful woman. Even with his busy schedule, he still cleared some time to call her. She should be over the moon! How could she ignore him?!

If it was another woman who was pampered 24/7 by their lover, they would be ecstatic. Yet, she didn't even know how to appreciate this.

Although Zhong Zhengdong was complaining outwardly, the corner of his mouth still curled upwards. Before he left, he had thoroughly ravished her without mercy. As such, he was 80% sure that she was throwing a tantrum at him.

Knowing how to throw a tantrum at him was good. Since she was angry at him, it would mean that she was thinking of him.

From love, hate is born and from hate, love is born. From time to time, he will imprint his shadow on her. Letting her get used to him. After a while, this imprint will become permanent.

"Boss." Jack knocked the door twice before saying, "There is news from the United States. The suspect who smuggled the microchips has been identified."

Zhong Zhengdong stood up immediately and walked with Jack to the meeting room. The 12 people in the group were already present in the room. Jack opened the password coded message he just received and used the computer to decode it. What was originally a bunch of numbers eventually transformed into an image that was projected onto the screen on the wall.

"Who is this person?" Zhong Zhengdong asked.

"This person was born in Cambodia. He settled down in the United States three years ago using a working visa. He works in a technology company. We found that he has been dating a Eurasian woman, born of Chinese and American heritage. Within a year, this woman has traveled to and fro from Beijing seven times. After careful investigation, it has been found that her mother's account has been remitted a large sum of money."

"Is this woman the underground arms dealer?"

"No. This woman also has a boyfriend in China called Robert. He is British. He has been running a business in China for a long time. But it is only a cover. He is actually the underground arms dealer that we have been looking for."

"Very good. So, it turned out to be this way. Then let's let the British and Americans argue. Linda, contact Congressman Ander. I want to see him. The sooner the better."

"Okay." Linda stood up to arrange the meeting.

"You have done well." Zhong Zhengdong patted Jack's shoulder, picked up his jacket, turned and walked back to his office. After a while, Linda returned with news.

"Congressman Ander replied. Today 8.00, at the old place."

"Okay. I will be flying to Washington DC now. The things here will be left to you'll to handle."

"Understood. Walk slowly Boss (1)."

Zhong Zhengdong took his coat and suitcase and headed to the roof to take a helicopter directly to the suburbs.

He made another call on the helicopter. The little white rabbit's phone was still switched off. He grumbled a little. He decided in his heart to let the little white rabbit relax for a few days. Wait till he finishes his business and returns to Taiwan. He will give her a good "fixing" then.

In Taiwan, Tang Xin Lian's heart was going through great inner turmoil.

From the time they left the airport and sat on Bai Shuli's car, everything was spinning out of her control.

Bai Shuli is Cheng Cheng's biological father. She cannot prevent them from meeting. She must also support the reunion of both father and son. Bai Shuli has also showed Cheng Cheng lots of care. She can tell that he is trying to make up for the unfamiliarity between father and son.

Bai Shuli brought them directly to his residence in Taipei. Coincidentally, the place he lived in was actually the highly-priced area of the Xinyi District which was the same place she stayed in. Even more surprising was the fact that he actually stayed in the same building as her.

Tang Xin Lian and her son sat on the sofa. Both of them were observing the unit.

The same layout, the same position. Only, she and her son lived on the 16th floor while Bai Shuli lived on the 15th floor. They were separated by only one floor.

Tang Xin Lian couldn't help but break into a cold sweat. Both she and her son looked at each other. Both mother and child were of one heart and knew what the other party was thinking about at this moment.

This planet is truly round. The first love that she hadn't seen for many years, the father of her son, he actually stayed directly below her and was her neighbor.


老板慢走:Literal meaning is to walk slowly boss. However, in Chinese customs, to tell someone to walk slowly it is actually a way of telling someone to be careful. A common farewell with good intentions.

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