Chapter 21

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The man standing five feet away from her was also staring at her. It was that familiar face, that familiar eyes, and that familiar smile.

The man that once painted her a beautiful fantasy. The man that then taught her the true meaning of heartache. He was just standing before her, looking at her deeply.

This man was Bai Shuli. Her first lover, and the man she loves the most even till now.

Sometimes, the feelings that you thought have already faded away will be buried deep inside your heart as if it was hibernating, unable to be noticed, such that you would believe it a thing of the past already.

In fact, it is only waiting for the perfect opportunity to resurface. Once the opportunity is presented, it will seem like it has traveled through time and space, messing up your reasoning and thoughts, stirring up trouble in your life again, creating a huge ripple.

She stood blankly. Meeting Bai Shuli like this caused her to lose all linguistic ability. In the end, it was Bai Shuli who spoke first.

"Xin Lian, it's been a long time."

Bai Shuli was still as handsome as before. No, he was even more handsome now. When they fell in love, they were still high school students. But now, he is already a matured 26-year-old man.

Compared to her shocked demeanor, Bai Shuli was far more calm and stable. Without waiting for her to open her mouth, he smiled at them and walked before them. Squatting down he said to Cheng Cheng, "Cheng Cheng, long time no see. I am daddy. Daddy is here to see you."

Cheng Cheng was stunned. He looked at Bai Shuli timidly. When he was small, he saw his father once. Back then, when his birth mother had yet to pass away, she had secretly brought him to see his father. At that moment, his birth mother had been crying extremely hard while his father only remained silent. However, his father had hugged him. Back then, he felt that his father seemed to be very upset. He was still small back then and didn't understand the world. He didn't understand what happened.

Tang Xin Lian finally regained her wits. First, she tried to calm down the raging emotions in her heart before lowering her head to look at Cheng Cheng. She discovered that Cheng Cheng was looking at her with a lost and questioning look.

"Cheng Cheng, this is your biological father. Go on and greet him." She smiled and spoke softly.

Although Tang Xin Lian's heart was once broken by Bai Shuli, she still brought Cheng Cheng up wholeheartedly with love. She taught him that he could not hate his father and made him understand that his father also loved him.

Tang Xin Lian could understand the little child's heart. This is because she grew up in a complicated family. Her father had many mistresses. The schemes of the various mistresses to gain favor often affected the children. As such, Tang Xin Lian understood from young that it is inappropriate to let parents immature handling of relationships harm their children.

Once she started raising Cheng Cheng, she let Cheng Cheng know that in addition to having a biological mother and foster mother who loves him, there is also a father who loves him staying abroad. Although they are not by his side, it does not change the fact that everyone loves him.

That is why Cheng Cheng does not feel resentful towards his father. He even feels curious about him. It has been so many years since they met. His impression of Bai Shuli is very hazy. Now, this person has appeared before his eyes in the flesh. Moreover, this father is very tall, handsome and has a very warm smile.

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