Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

"Wow! It's so beautiful! I can't believe you have done so well. No wonder you are an elite. When in high school, you were the campus beau. After graduation, you became an elite of society. To own a luxury house in the Xinyi District. This house must have cost at least 100 million yuan!" Ever since Ruan Xiangping entered the building, she has been praising it continuously. After entering the house, she was even more surprised and examining everything. She was the most excited one amongst them all.

On the other hand, Tang Xin Lian and her son are calmer as if they are in their own house. This is not surprising.

Then again, their house is just upstairs. The layout is exactly the same except their decor is even more beautiful. If not for the surprise of living in the same district and building still being hung on their faces, someone would surely be suspicious of how calm the mother and son were.

"Xin Lian, Cheng Cheng, it's very pretty right?" Ruan Xiangping asked them grinningly.

Tang Xin Lian and her son nodded their heads in agreement. "Yes, very pretty."

At this moment, Bai Shuli walked out of the kitchen. He had prepared 3 cups of coffee for the adults and a cup of fresh milk for his son. Then he sat on the one-person sofa next to Tang Xin Lian and her son.

"This is my private apartment in Taipei. Only I stay here. Besides me, no one will come here."

When he said this, he seemed to be suggesting something to her. Yet he also seemed to be giving her an explanation. Tang Xin Lian picked up her coffee and lowered her head to drink a mouthful. She just smiled politely and didn't reply.

During the journey earlier, she finally understood Xiang Ping's intentions. Xiang Ping had in fact already planned to match her together with Bai Shuli. That's why she had planned this reunion.

In order to play matchmaker between the two of them, Xiang Ping had specially come back to Taiwan. Tang Xin Lian couldn't outright reject her kind intentions. As such, she could only continue pretending to be stupid.

Her heart felt very chaotic now. She had just promised to try opening up her heart to Zhong Zhengdong. Yet, now, Bai Shuli had appeared.

Bai Shuli has changed a lot. He is now more mature and steady. He no longer has that juvenile character. He is gentle towards her and not aggressive. Even when she was cold towards him, he doesn't show any signs of impatience. Instead, he patiently looks at her quietly, with a pair of gentle yet burning eyes.

"Tonight, I shall personally cook for you'll to eat." Bai Shuli said smiling.

Just as Tang Xin Lian was about to tell him not to trouble himself, Ruan Xiang Ping opened her mouth to agree.

"Awesome! You said it yourself! I want to try Senior Bai's home-cooked food."

"Of course. In addition to celebrating our reunion, I am also extremely happy to have this chance to cook for Cheng Cheng and to make up my responsibility as a father." He looked at Cheng Cheng with eyes filled with sincerity and enthusiasm. "Cheng Cheng, stay for dinner alright? Give daddy a chance to cook for you."

The word "Daddy" to the 8-year-old Cheng Cheng had a great appeal to him and made him yearn for it. Due to his lack of fatherly love from a young age, he has great longing for his father.

The mature man in front of him is tall and kind and is connected by blood to him. His smiles and loving eyes were for him. His father was begging him. His father's love for him echoed his own inner desires. How could he reject him? However, he also understood his mother's concerns, so he looked up hesitantly at his mother.

Once Tang Xin Lian saw Cheng Cheng's pleading eyes, her heart gave in. She knew that Cheng Cheng wanted to stay but didn't dare to voice his wishes because he was afraid that she would not want to. As such, she took the initiative to open her mouth.

"You should agree. You rarely get to see your father. You have to get along with him okay?"

Cheng Cheng's eyes shone brightly, and he nodded his head. "Okay!"

Sure enough, once Cheng Cheng obtained her support, he became super-enthusiastic, his ruddy face shining

Tang Xin Lian feels lucky that she made this decision. Yet at the same time, she also feels dissatisfied with herself. Even if it was a reunion with Bai Shuli, so what? After so many years of experience, shouldn't she have matured?

No matter what happened in the past, it was already history. People should not be continually be burdened by the past. Otherwise, the next generation will also be implicated. She should learn to let go and start again.

Bai Shuli and Cheng Cheng are father and son. This is not something she can change. She should accept this with an open heart and treat him as a friend. Why bother to think so much?

Once she thought about this, the turmoil in her heart gradually receded and became calm again.

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