Chapter 12.2

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Chapter 12 (Part 2)

It was unknown, how this woman found out about Boss bringing a new lover back from Taiwan. What was most surprising, however, was that she actually had the audacity to come knocking at their door. 

On that day, Anna had brought Cheng Cheng out to the lavender fields to play. Tang Xin Lian sat alone on the lounge chair in the greenhouse, basking in the rarely felt peace.

She really liked this greenhouse a lot. It was like a secret garden, decorated with a plethora of beautiful flowers and green trees. There were even butterflies dancing in the air. The golden rays of the morning sun, shone through the leaves and the window, whirling playfully. They twinkled like stars in the morning sky. This sight was cosmic and serene. 

Nonetheless, this serenity was destroyed by the appearance of a woman. The woman who had suddenly barged in had ruined the peace Tang Xin Lian was enjoying. Tang Xing Lian stared at the bewitching beauty curiously. 

The beauty had a pair of charmingly electrifying eyes, a high dainty nose, sexy lips and a head of wavy hair. Her body was even sexier. She had a pair of massive E cups, and her hips were round and tight. When wrapped in a form-fitting western dress, she was absolutely flawless. Everything about her screamed sexy.

Even as a fellow woman, Tang Xin Lian was mesmerized. The so-called angel's face and devil's body- it must be this. 

Lediya stared arrogantly at the oriental woman before her, scrutinizing her from head to toe. Then, she grilled the servant beside them.

"This is the new lover he brought back?"

"Miss Lediya, please calm down. You should not be here." 

"Why shouldn't I be here?! What sort of thing is she? Her figure isn't as good as mine, her looks can't compare to my beauty,  her nose is flat and she has small eyes. How can she even think of competing with me? What a joke!" 

Tang Xin Lian stared dumbly at the woman before her that was screaming away. What language was she speaking?

Although she couldn't understand the woman, she could guess that she was very unhappy with her from the way she glared at her and the angry expression she wore on her face. She must be Zhong Zhengdong's girlfriend. 

She had to admit that Zhong Zhengdong had very good taste. However, since he already had such a cosmic beauty by his side, why was he still refusing to let her go?

From the beginning to the end, Tang Xin Lian did not have the opportunity to speak. She could only stare like an idiot at Lediya and listen to her curse at her.

When Zhong Zhengdong knew of this incident, everyone was afraid that he would be angry. Unexpectedly, not only did he not flare up in anger, he even inquired curiously, "How did she react? Was she angry? Jealous? Or did she cry?" 

"Reporting to Boss, she could be considered as calm."

"Calm? You mean to say that she did not make a fuss? Or show any signs of sadness or rage?" 

"Basically, Tang Xing Lian did not have any reaction. Oh right, she did say one sentence."

"What did she say?" Zhong Zhengdong asked eagerly.

"She said that her English isn't very good, and she also couldn't understand what language Miss Lediya was speaking."

After a moment of silence, a cold voice traveled through the phone. "Understood."

After the phone was cut off, Zhong Zhendong handed the empty wine glass to a waiter. He was attending a private banquet. The participants were all famous and reputable figures in France. There were also many beautiful models around, all surrounding him.

This was a private guest house, where the location was well hidden. The security system was comprehensive and detailed. Anyone who wished to enter had to pass the high-tech scanning and identification systems before entering. This was to prevent any uninvited people from sneaking in.

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