Chapter 17

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He can forget about what they just discussed about, now that he has solved her doubts. It was time to return to the original topic. He wanted her to give a sincere promise and not a perfunctory answer. He stared at her anxiously, not letting her escape.

Under his burning gaze, her face slowly turned red. After understanding that he wasn't part of the triads, the knot in her heart was also resolved. Pondering in detail, he was truly extremely nice to her. He had also promised to not let his heart wander and to be loyal to her.

Thinking about it, she wouldn't suffer by agreeing to be with him.

She finally replied softly. "Alright....."

"What is alright? Be louder, speak more clearly."

She gave him a stink eye. He was doing this on purpose. Under his intense stare, she could only repeat what she said again.

"As long as you treat Cheng Cheng and I well, don't let your heart wander, stay loyal to me, I...... I will also be nice towards you and try to like you."

"Done!" He was extremely jubilant. This was the first time the little white rabbit was willing to open up her heart to him and promise to let him in.

Once a person is happy, they will want to do something that will provide mental and physical pleasure. He tilted his head downwards, wanting to kiss her but he was blocked by her hand.

"Wait, there are some things that I would like to say first. If you undermine our agreement, I will leave you."

Heh. The little rabbit also knows how to negotiate with him. But she is too forgetful. He is a businessman. A cunning and intelligent businessman. When negotiating, his techniques are far superior to others and he can eat others alive with just 2 or 3 sentences.

"Relax. As long as you feed your husband, why would I even bother to find other women? Once a transaction is agreed upon, one must fulfill their promises. Now, you should show some sincerity."

She yelped as he swept her off her feet into his arms horizontally and her hand-stretched over his neck to prevent herself from falling over. As Zhong Zhengdong carried her and slowly walked into the house, she could see a fire burning in his eyes. She could tell what he wanted immediately.

"Now? You... You aren't busy?"

"Busy. That's why we need to be quick and make use of our time properly."

Tang Xin Lian could feel his urgency and her body couldn't help but heat up. She knew that once this man went onto the bed, he would become very wild.

Since she had reached an accord with him, she had no more reason to reject him. She had to try to give herself to him, enjoy his love, and try to love him. Hence, she buried her face in his neck. Her hands around his neck also tightened slightly.

These actions of hers made Zhong Zhengdong elated. His heart thumped as he increased his pace and carried her into the bedroom.

Truthfully, there were still many things that he had withheld from her. His arms dealing was actually very complicated. He had to be wary of any nefarious ideas by criminals towards this mother and son pair so he sent people to protect them secretly. In fact, in preparation for the worse scenario occurring, he also installed a miniature tracker. He was afraid she would remove it. This was for her own good so it was best if he did not tell her.

Although he had said that it would be fast, she felt like it would never end. She knew it. He took her two times before he was satisfied enough to let her off.

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