Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Zhong Zhengdong placed Cheng Cheng onto the floor and passed him to Anna. With the little devil gone, he turned his gaze to the little white rabbit.

As soon as Tang Xin Lian felt his gaze, he turned his eyes away.

"I will also go to see Cheng Cheng learn chess." She told him. However, she merely took two steps before she was brought into his embrace by his outstretched hand.

"Where do you think you're trying to escape to?"

"Since when was I trying to escape?" She rebutted, her waist was tightly embraced by his arms, causing her to have no choice but to be close to him. Her heart skipped a beat. After having been with him for quite some time, she could roughly guess how he was feeling. She could smell a whiff of unhappiness from him.

Zhong Zhendong suddenly said to her, "I won't care how many men you have dated in the past, so you also aren't allowed to care how many women I have dated before.

"I care?"

"You don't care?"

Her face froze as she noticed the warning in his heavy tone and the dangerous glint in his eyes. She felt that if she said yes, he would not be happy and if she caused him to be unhappy, she would be in trouble.

Zhong Zhengdong saw that she had fallen silent and thought in his heart that the little white rabbit had grown smarter, as she knows that she cannot answer casually this time. She knows how to read his expressions which represents that she cares about his reaction. No matter what the reason is, this is a type of improvement so his mood became better again.

'Okay, we won't care about the past. Let the past stay in the past. After all, men must be forward-looking and living in the present is the most important thing right?"

She really didn't understand why this man would be angry at one moment and happy the next. His fluctuating moods made him really hard to understand.

"Whatever you say goes. The most important thing is that you are happy."

"How can I be the only one happy? You must also be happy. I've missed you very much. Do you miss me?"

When his tone is warm and gentle, he can really melt people's hearts. Ever since she was caught by him, forcefully brought to France to live in this villa,  she feels like she has become like those princesses and princes living in castles, being waited upon and served by servants.

It is undeniable that Zhong Zhengdong is very good to both her and her son. Cheng Cheng also loved being with him. Tang Xin Lian gradually changed her mind. If Zhong Zhengdong continues refusing to let them go and if he continues being so good to Cheng Cheng, she will obediently be his woman.

For the past few days, after knowing that there is no way for her to escape his palms, she has calmly thought about it. Zhong Zhengdong is a Casanova, dishonest, and a man that will resort to underhanded means. However, although he is not her type and does not meet up to her standards, he has never hurt her and has helped her much more than any of her exes.

"Why are you not answering me? I am talking to you yet you dare to be distracted?" To punish her, his mouth moved close to her ear and he bit her earlobe, causing her skin to itch. She couldn't help but shrink her neck backward.

"Didn't we just meet yesterday?" She covered the ear he bit with her hand.

"As long as I don't see you even for a day. I'll miss you." As he said this, he purposely used his lower body to tease her.

Tang Xin Lian couldn't help but blush. This man's mind was incessantly filled with perverted thoughts. With every three lines, he would always bring the conversation back to that. With how stiff it felt already, it showed how ready he was to thrust harshly into her without any reservations.

"Can't you think about something else? Besides this isn't there anything better for you to do? If you really want to do it, isn't the big beauty that came today much better than me?" She scolded shyly, ashamed.

Her words made him gwaff with laughter.

"Can I take it that you are jealous?"

"I am not jealous. Didn't you already say earlier, neither of us will care about each other's past relationships?"

"That's not the same. I was referring to the past. The woman earlier, I have chased her away and have had a clean break with her. Xin Lian, now, you are my one and only.  In the future, I also plan to have no other."

Tang Xin Lian was stunned and stared at him incredulously. Upon hearing his words, her face showed neither joy nor surprise but was instead full of suspicion.

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