Chapter 25

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When Bai Shuli saw that she agreed, he was overjoyed. He truly felt that he owned Cheng Cheng a lot. But it was also undeniable that he had his own selfish intentions. He wanted to use Cheng Cheng as an excuse to continue chasing Tang Xin Lian and rebuild their past connection.

When he saw her at the airport, he was truly stunned. After not seeing her for so many years, she had become far more beautiful. Moreover, she was full of a woman's softness and charms. She was so bright and beautiful that it was impossible to tear one's eyes away from her. He was only pretending to be calm as he was afraid of scaring her off.

Due to what happened in the past, he was afraid that she had not forgiven her yet. He was afraid that her heart still remembered how he had betrayed her.

In order to interact with her more, he made many preparations. He used a luxury car to pick her up, used Ruan Xiang Ping to let her know how successful he was in his career, and brought her to his Xinyi Luxury Home to let her look at him in a new light.

This wasn't just to show her his home but to show her off his ability.

He wanted to let her know that he was no longer that reckless youth. Instead, he was a man who could make his own decisions. A man who had power.

He had the confidence that the person he was as of now, had the power to give her happiness. He didn't just want to make up for his past regrets. He also wanted to mend their relationship.

Over the past few years, although he was overseas, he has been paying close attention to any news relating to her.

No matter how many women he met, he would always think about the woman in Taiwan who was raising his child without regrets or complains. Who kept silently giving without asking for anything in return.

He has decided to win back Tang Xin Lian. To find those lost feelings again. From Ruan Xiang Ping, he found out that Xin Lian was still single and did not have a boyfriend which made him very happy.

But even if she did have a boyfriend, he would also find a way to woo her again.

With this plan in mind, he quickly returned to Taiwan and planned to have them gather over a meal. He would establish the image of a good family man who cooked. Ruan Xiang Ping was responsible for coordinating everything and preventing the atmosphere from becoming awkward.

He could see Xin Lian's shock when she saw him. She also still had feelings for him. In addition, Ruan Xiang Ping had said that she should still be missing him. This made him feel that he still had a chance.

He had to find a way to deepen his bond with his son. As long as his son accepted him, he believed that her heart would also follow. This way, both the wife and son would become his......

After eating dinner, the three of them chatted. However, it was mostly Ruan Xiang Ping and Bai Shuli who was talking. They talked about their life over the past few years. Tang Xin Lian sat by the side silently listening to them.

Through their conversation, she found out about Bai Shuli's current situation.

He was the CEO of a software design company. The R&D department was located in the United States. The applications and software which the company developed are distributed around the world by using mobile phones and computers as mediums. They have patents in every country in the world.

At his young age, he used internet software to set up his own enterprise. Now, his net worth is over hundreds of millions of dollars. He is a golden bachelor (2).

This time, he returned to Taiwan because he is preparing to set up a branch in Taiwan and use it as a stronghold in Asia.

Tang Xin Lian listened dumbly. She didn't expect that Bai Shuli to be so capable. She couldn't help but admire him. Of course, Xin Lian and Cheng Cheng's admiring gaze were all noticed by Bai Shuli. He was ecstatic. Everything was proceeding as smoothly as he imagined.

It finally reached the point where it was time to leave. Tang Xin Lian saw that it was not early anymore, so she spoke politely. "It is rather late; Cheng Cheng and I should go home"

"Oh? Time really flies by."

"Yeah. Thank you for your hospitality. Cheng Cheng has school tomorrow, so he has to go to bed early." Tang Xin Lian held Cheng Cheng's hand and thanked him politely.

"I will send you'll back."

"No need. We will go back ourselves."

"How can I allow that? I won't let you take a taxi back. I will feel uneasy."

"Yes, yes. Let Senior Bai send you'll back. As for me, I can take a taxi back. Your family should chat a bit more!" Ruan Xiang Ping winked at Tang Xin Lian, hinting that she should seize the opportunity. She even dragged her luggage and hurriedly left.

Ruan Xiang Ping left rapidly. It was clear that she wanted to provide her the opportunity to be with Bai Shuli. Tang Xin Lian felt bitter in her heart.


黄金单身汉: Literal meaning is gold bachelor. It means very very rich such that the person is metaphorically referred to as a person made of gold.

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