Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

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It wasn't that she liked to be paranoid, but because there was a man like Zhong Zhengdong who possessed a track record. Plus he was also very lascivious towards her. She did not feel safe at all.

She thought for a while before taking out her phone, wanting to call him.

This phone model was a gift by Zhong Zhengdong who claimed that he had set up a dedicated line for her. No matter which country she was in, she would always be able to contact him.

She couldn't understand 3C products and other high-tech communication methods but she could ascertain that there was definitely something special about this phone. It looked very similar to typical smartphones but the interior was much more high-tech. Zhong Zhengdong had given her a demonstration.

However, due to being afraid that she would not remember everything after a while, she only bothered to remember how to dial and accept calls. She would probably never use the other functions anyway.

Just as she was about to dial his number, her mobile rang. The caller ID displayed was "Hubby". Needless to say, it must have been set by Zhong Zhengdong.

She tapped the touchscreen to accept the video call. An image of Zhong Zhengdong was shown.

"Little white rabbit."

"Stop calling me little white rabbit!" She protested.

"Alright wifey."

"......" Her face turned red. Geez, what else could she say? He had already done her a few times and he has promised to be hers for this lifetime. The only thing missing was the fact that they hadn't registered their marriage. "What is it?" She asked.

"Do you miss me?"

"I just reached home."

"You reached home at 8.35 pm. Why didn't you call me?"

Tang Xin Lian was silent as her face fell. Towards the Zhong Zhengdong on the screen, she flared her anger at him.

"Zhong Zhengdong! So you did place a surveillance camera in my house! I will warn you now. Remove the camera immediately or I will move out to another house!"

Zhong Zhengdong tried to coax her. "Wifey, don't be angry. I didn't put any surveillance camera in your house. That would be too perverted."

Of course, he had considered this idea before, so that he could look at his little white rabbit anytime he wanted while he was overseas.

"You also know this sort of action is very perverted? Do you dare to swear you did not place any surveillance cameras around?"

"Sure, I will swear. If I am lying, then let me unable to be erect even while hugging you."

......Under the heavens, there would only be this man that would swear this sort of oath. But towards Zhong Zhengdong, this was a very poisonous oath. Letting him touch the body of the little white rabbit but yet be unable to do her, it was far too cruel.

Tang Xin Lian trusted him momentarily before breaking the silence and asked, "Then how do you know the time that I reached home at?".

"Little fool, can't I just ask the plane's company?"

"......" She stared at that face that was so handsome yet deserved a thorough beating through the screen. Zhong Zhengdong no longer acted like a gentleman unlike before. After removing his mask, his true nature was no longer hidden. He will joke around, smirk, laugh evilly and even give kinky grins.

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