Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

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Today is the day Ruan Xiang Ping is returning to Taiwan. In the wee hours of the morning, Tang Xin Lian brought her son to the airport to pick Xiang Ping up.

The mother and son duo were both extremely happy. Still, Tang Xin Lian did not forget to warn Cheng Cheng to be careful about what he said. When he met Auntie Xiang Ping, he was to act spoiled to make Auntie Xiang Ping happy. He was also to keep any news regarding Uncle Zhong a secret.

"Regarding Uncle Zhong, how should I put it...... Mummy feels that if Auntie Xiang Ping knew about how mummy left with a man over her, she would feel very upset. But the truth is, it wasn't that mummy wanted to abandon her. At that time, it was because mummy was afraid of scaring her so......" Tang Xin Lian was wracking her brain to come up with an excuse to convince her son to protect the secret and prevent him from accidentally spilling the beans.

"Mummy relax. I will not say it." Cheng Cheng and Tang Xin Lian were sitting on a bench in the waiting lounge. Cheng Cheng looked at his mother caringly, and like a little adult, stretched out his hand to pat his mother's head, comforting her.

Tang Xin Lian was dazed. She stared at Cheng Cheng and suddenly realized that her son was no longer as young as she thought. Through Cheng Cheng's eyes, she saw a maturity and stability far deeper than that of peers his age.

It seemed that at this age, Cheng Cheng already knew how to think properly. He could understand the helplessness and complexity of the world of adults. The small little him had already seen the bigger picture and took everything into consideration. She didn't have to explain much for him to express his understanding so considerately. His serious and focused eyes are telling her that he understood and hoped to share her worry. He would always stand by her side.

Tang Xin Lian's eyes turned red. She felt comforted and touched. She extended her hand to hug her son and said in a low voice, "Thank you. It is so nice to have you by my side."

She tried her best to hold back the tears at the corner of her eyes. There were too many people at the airport. She didn't want to attract too much attention. As such, she changed the topic immediately and started to discuss with Cheng Cheng about his situation in school.

As time went by, the plane that Xiang Ping had boarded was displayed on the arrival board. This is not a peak season for flying. As such, it should not take long for her to clear the customs. Tang Xin Lian held her son's hand and walked towards the arrival exit together with others who were also waiting for the passengers. They were really looking forward for the familiar figure to appear.

Half an hour later, they finally saw Xiang Ping and walked forward to welcome her. Tang Xin Lian still felt a bit uneasy, afraid that her good friend was still angry. Yet, the result was Xiang Ping stepping forward first to embrace her enthusiastically while using her poisonous tongue to attack her.

"Ha! I have finally caught you. Now that I am back, watch how I sort you out!"

"Yes yes yes, I'll let you sort me out. As long as you are happy."

Xiang Ping let out a hurmph before hugging Cheng Cheng. After receiving a kiss on her cheeks from the little handsome boy, he grinned happily.

"Let's go. We should take a taxi."

"No need. We have a car."

Tang Xin Lian noticed that Xiang Ping had used the word "we" and couldn't help but ask curiously, "Is there someone else coming to welcome you as well?".

"No. The truth is, this time I didn't return alone."

Tang Xin Lian looked at her friend who was smiling mysteriously and came to a sudden conclusion. "Your boyfriend?" She asked surprised.

"Eh..... Not boyfriend but a friend who is a male. This person you also know." After saying this, Ruan Xiang Ping did not allow Xin Lian to continue guessing. Grabbing her shoulder as if afraid she would run away, Xiang Ping pushed Xin Lian behind her to let her see with her own eyes.

Tang Xin Lian was puzzled but she didn't have the chance to think about who this male friend was. Then, she glanced at the familiar face in front of her and couldn't help stiffening in shock.

She was so shocked that she couldn't say anything, only staring at the other party dumbly.

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