Turned 2: Mistress of Evil

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Maleficent's POV

How can I possibly tell her that i'll be gone? Or that I'll be sleeping as death like she did before. But worse case scenario, i'll be taking it hard. My mother told me these rules before she passed on through the spirit world. NEVER UNDO your own words. Never take back the curse you gave to others. Never break the law of the witches. Because there's always gonna be that keeper who listens to your prayers and curses. The one whom you speak to when you cast a spell. It stays hidden and observant with your every word and deeds. Humans called it Karma. 

I was alone in her room facing a spindle. She was on a trip again with the prince, taking on some other kingdom to support their campaign on her clothing industry and leveling up the civilization of her country.

Where was her soul when she was lying asleep in that bed? Before the prince kissed her and epically wet his pants out of embarrassment. He didn't love Aurora, he never did. He was just a prince, placed on a fairy tale to make the story more fairy tale-ish. He was useless here. 

For why I kissed her forehead? It was definitely out of pity because I cared for her. That's not a lie at all. I for sure did not expect that it would undo my curse because fucking true love does not exist in this world. In this world, they prayed even in their sleep that they could slaughter me. They wished that I was powerless so they can burn me alive. I never hated humans, I only hated the King. And yet he dragged all those people with his rage and made me hurt them. I had to plea, with all due respect it was self-defense!


The trail of thoughts stopped at the voice of what seemed to be a fat fairy in green. She was my minion before, i wouldn't care recalling her name. They all look the same anyway. They all looked lame. I mean, the only reason they're called fairies by the humans was because they dress in blindingly bright colors! 

PINK. Seriously? Green or blue? Did you really think such colors would suit me? I am a queen who adore nothing but gold and black. You really can't buy 'class', or so as they say.

"I'm glad I found you. I uh-" she played with her thumb, looking down. "I just want to thank you for taking back the curse from our beloved Rose."

One moment, stop right there!

"What are you talking about?" I asked. The Prince, Aurora and I decided to make sure that nobody finds out it was me who broke the curse. The "Royal Couple" Phillip and Aurora has been spreading the great story of a prince kissing a sleeping beauty breaking a curse and waking her back to life again. It was the most extravagant lie we've ever gone to. They made story books about it! They played it in theaters! And I held up to my reputation of being the bad guy. Nobody's complaining, I loved being the naughty one.

"I know about you two, Maleficent." she said, "It was by chance, I was tending to my daily chores, you know, healing trees and bushes and other plants in the moors. You know, your job."

My god. She's doing a good job at mocking me. I'm absolutely just gonna let this pass because this is beastie's room. I will not be the one to destroy our memories here.

" And then I heard her screaming, declaring her love to you. It was just me, don't worry. My sisters don't know a thing of what's going on. I know they despise you with every inch of your rotten core, I couldn't blame them."

"What exactly is your point, caterpillar?"

"Caterpillar!?" she looked down on her stomach.

Yes she looked like a gigantic fat ass caterpillar. She continued her speech in which i'm slowly losing interest. More thanks and apologies and stuffs i can't even say because my mind went back on thinking about someone else.

"You're going to die, aren't you?" she asked me the million golden coins question. It hit me. "I know the rules, Maleficent. Fairies or witches, a spell undone by the one who cast it, shall receive a punishment worse than death. And for the kindness that you've done I am willing to take any last testaments you want me to relay to our lovely Rose." She gulped. "When you're gone." She continued.

"Oh just kill me if you really want me dead that bad. Cook me for lunch?" I smirked suggesting a good way to die. Lunch, convenient, deliciously good. "Rub some salt all over my skin and drizzle me with oil. I don't like being chopped so, maybe just set me over a huge oven?"

"Quit joking, Maleficent!"

"In hell, perhaps"

"I'm trying to help you here!"

"Help me with what, fairy!?" My head heat up just like that. I never said I wanted someone else's help on this matter. I am not a damsel in distress. I am Maleficent, Mistress of Evil. And I don't need any help with-

"Help her with what, Aunt Fauna?" of course, Aurora showed out of nowhere.

"Queen Aurora! Glad you're already here. I was telling Maleficent that she should let me help her wear the dress properly." 

"Oh you are too formal, Aunt Fauna. What dress is it?"

"It's a secret, beastie." I cut them off before things go out of hand. "I'll show you when it's the right time. For now, I have something to discuss with you."

"Yeah, sure. What is it, Fairy godmother?"

"I have something to discuss ALONE with you." Ugh hurry up and make that insect be gone from my surroundings.

"Oh..." she looked at the fairy, "Did you have something to talk about with me, Aunt Fauna?"

"No, no... I was here solely to talk to Maleficent."

"Okay. If you'll excuse us then. I shall see you at the dining hall later."

Finally, she's gone. 

"What was it like when you were asleep?"

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