Turn 18: Burning Red

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Aurora's POV

The sun shone down for nearly a week on the moors. I always felt that however many years I lived I would never forget that first morning I woke up beside her. The first time we held hands, remembering her comes in flashback and echoes.

How was that even possible? We went to the market holding hands, walking and endearing each other's company. But all of it remained a dream.

"Talk to me, you who are at the center of my heart..."

I know somewhere in my heart that it was real. She confessed to me her love but what happened to us? She just left me in the middle of our kiss, of course I remember that. It was the night we talked about having babies together, growing old with them, loving them unconditionally. Wither they come to the world wingless or a bird.

"How did you meet Malifecent?" My mother asked me all of a sudden. I tried to remember again. When I was a baby, I guess? No, that was just the cursing part. I remember the magic of my fairy godmother though; it was like her touch, warm and soothing. That day when I fell on a cliff, I knew she was right there. Maybe it was the night when she came out of the shadows.


 'I'm not afraid.' Then come out. 'Then you'll be afraid.' Then another thought reminded me of how painful it was when she rejected me. 'Look, young lady, I care for you okay? I truly care about you and that's it. I'm sorry but I don't like you that way.'



"Honey?" said my mother, "You're overthinking, sweetheart."  I had to fake a smile even though I know she knew me ever since. I am her blood and flesh, there's no way I could deny that I was overthinking about Maleficent.

"I met my fairy godmother in the moors before my sixteenth birthday. She appeared to me and that's how we met."

"How does she treat you?"

"She's very kind to me mother. She didn't do anything, I mean she's too good to me and— I have a question mother, I don't mean to intrude but how come you two know each other? Father said that Maleficent was jealous of you because he chose you instead of her. But as what I saw you two get along just fine, like you were friends all this time."

"I must say... Maleficent has a crush on me." she giggled and blushed in front of me.

The heck?

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