Turn 1: Dreaming of You

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Aurora's POV

She never ceased to amaze me. I was crowned as the new Queen. Maleficent did it with pride and a smile plastered on her beautiful face, it was glorious and wonderful. Little did she know about my growing admiration for her. She had the eyes of a dragon, untamed yet bright and alluring. Her ever crimson lips were full and inviting. The unique edge of her cheeks and her horns even made her look sexier than any living creature on earth. She was oozing attractive and I couldn't help but sigh.

"Aurora," his voice echoed all the way to the forest. Eventually he got near me. "Look, I bought you these."

He held out his hand and gave me a bouquet of red roses.

"Oh, thank you Phillip," I said. "How sweet of you..."

I'm absolutely sure he didn't know that my favorite flowers were white roses.

"But?" he said abruptly.

"But what?"

"Is there something wrong? If you don't like them, please tell me and I shall get other ones that you like."

"N-no, no, it's okay, Phillip" I sighed again, "I'm just a little bit tired from the coronation."

"Would you mind if you leave me this instant? I don't mean to be rude I just-"

"Of course, Princess" he said, "I'll take my leave, good day," he smiled and kissed my hand. After Phillip left, I lazily returned to the wooden bench beneath the oak tree and resumed thinking about this one amazing woman, Maleficent.

Maleficent, oh Maleficent. What spell did you cast upon me, mistress?

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