Turn 8: Demons

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A deep blow of horn awakened me in the midst of my sleep. I turned on the lamp and picked up the watch. Three thirty. .

Outside, the night air was cool and damp. I paused for a moment and looked toward the sky a few stars twinkled through the hazy glare of the lights from the palace. Behind me, a half-moon was rising.

"Now who on this frigid world blew a trumpet at this early?"

A royal knight came rushing towards me, "My Queen! Oh my Queen, we are under—" he breathed hard.

"We are under what, soldier?" I asked, giving him a puzzled look.

"We are under attack!" he screamed. "The demons and those winged monsters from West coast started to rummage your kingdom, my Queen. And all our skillful royal knights are down from the battle; our reinforcements will be here in twenty-four hours. I feared that the city might not survive by the end of the day. "

"Where are my Aunts?"

"They're outside fighting them while Fairy Merryweather is making a barrier to keep them away from the citizens."

"Very well," I told him. I have absolutely no experience when it comes to war.

"What is your given name?"

"Richard, your highness,"

"Give me your sword," he hesitated, and then gave it to me. I took the sword and tapped the edge of it to his shoulders gently.

"Richard, I give you the honor of taking the command to lead our army. You must save our nation, soldier." I announced, "In the name of my name, Aurora, Queen of the human and fairy realms, you are now the Knight of One." The knight of one is the highest position a soldier can achieve. Only the royal knights can attain it through politics, winning a battle and great impression to the king.

"But your highness I'm just a mere jail guard! You can't just—"

"Go! Now,"

At the bottom of the stairs, I reached for the door. Diablo grabbed my wrist and shook his head.

"What are you doing?" I said,

"Shh..." he shushed me putting his forefinger in front of his lips.

He took the knob and eased the door open just enough to see out through the crack between the door and the wall. Satisfied no one was there; he poked his head out and scanned the area behind the palace in every direction. When he was sure it was safe, he took me by the hand and led me out.

"This way," he was literally dragging me; my night robe was so dirty now with mud.

"Where are we going?"

"To plaza, everybody's gathering there to be safe."


Diablo and I were running, my smooth palm and slender fingers were buried in Diablo's grip. His hand felt as though it would wrap around mine twice. I liked the way it felt, holding him, he was protecting me. A few steps from the plaza, I stumbled. I clutched in his arms to steady myself. In the other hand, I accidentally brushed my breast to his bicep. I flushed. I pushed the thought aside and rushed to the barrier zone.

I stopped and looked at my surroundings. Aunt Merryweather was up at the center of the plaza, casting a spell, making a huge bluish hue bubble like barrier, in semi-circle. While my other two Aunts were busy doing magic over the large gates of the palace. The whole city was in panic. Fire and people were scattered around us. Thousands of arrows darted throughout the dawn sky.

I was hoping to see what they were aiming, not until the winged creature appeared around the corner of the walls of the palace. A wave of panic washed over me. They looked like a gigantic bat with a human body. Their wings were fixed and pointed. It didn't look like any of Maleficent's gorgeous ones. Their faces resemble a wild wolf, mad and hungry, and their skin colors were in different hue of dark green to maroon. There were hundreds of them circling in the sky beneath the palace so their shadows covered over us. Once the moonlight hit their wings, the colors of the shadow changed. It painted different shades to the ground like a disco ball. But what are they up to?


A high pitched and a very loud cry from a broken voice up above roared the entire palace. I let out a squeak, covering my ears. The voice cried longing, pain, heartache. Like a husband being cheated by his wife.

Dust rolled up from the ground as they came to a stop. The one who looked like their boss landed at the roof of the tower. My soldiers flustered. They were now face to face with the winged demons. I could literally see their knees shaking! What a useless bunch of idiots.

Lucky for me, I was protected with my Aunt Merryweather's barrier; they can't touch me and hell would I let them. Then I remembered something.

"Where is Richard!?" I screamed.

"Richard the jail guard?" a soldier from behind me answered. Can't he do any help other than just standing there?

"Yes. I told him to lead the royal army. Where is he?"

"He freed the prisoners few minutes ago to save them from the attack, your highness. He too, ran away with them."

"What!?" that jerk!!! Useless! "You!" I said pointing at him.

"M-me??" he asked, oh please.

"Gather the remaining soldiers and take them here," our forces must not be scattered or we'll end up torn at this situation. "Go!"

"Yes, your highness!" he ran out to the gates hastily distancing from the demons along the way.

Before I knew, Diablo transformed into a crow and flown his way to the roof of the tower where the boss was. When he was near the roof, he morphed into human again and swung his arms backward, before throwing his fist to the boss' face. But the boss dodged and Diablo missed. The boss curled his fist, folding his elbow like he was charging his power punch.

The shot struck Diablo in the chest. The force of the shot lifted him off his feet and sent him flipping in the air, and sprawling backward to the ground. His head bounced once as it hit the dirt. Then, he lay motionless and still.

"Oh my god! Diablo, No!" was he dead? I don't know. But he morphed into different forms which means—Maleficent— is here, somewhere.

"You're my only hope, Maleficent." I thought aloud. But where can I find you?

A/N: Dear readers, Where is Maleficent!?

-sevheen7 the dark knight

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