SEASON 2: The Sleeping Beauty

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It was the ceremony for the soldiers of Aurora who fought bravely with her during the attack of the demons.  I went there just to see how people would react to my presence around the royal family. Sorry to disappoint but this is not a lively narration of my godforsaken life. No sunny day or chirping birds, thank goodness its a funeral.

Right there, cold stares pierced through my soul. Even if it was Ursula, there was no excuse that I killed those soldiers who died in the battle. They remember.

Aurora looked at me with concern.

"I'm used to it." I grinned, looking at her eyes. For some reason, my heart thumped.

The ceremony ended eventually. Phillip, Aurora and I were on a carriage now about to head back to the palace.

"Phillip dear, get your queen some beverage. She must have been thirsty after her long speech." I said looking at Aurora's dry lips. She merely nod to the prince.

"Absolutely, milady. I shall take my leave since our food supplies are on the next cart, unfortunately. I'll be back with your drinks shortly."

The poor boy went out waiting for the next horse cart.

I gave her a little bottle of wine. She took a good sip of it and returned it to me, licking her lips.

"Go," I said to the coachman, "go now."

Off we go, leaving the prince behind. I could hear my evil laugh getting louder. She giggled at that. Her sweet giggle eases the tension on my chest.
We were silent for some time there. But she really can't just stay that way.

"You wanted to be alone with me, Maleficent?" She said. Just when did she started to sound like a queen?


"The citizens were not very pleased of your appearance at the funeral ceremony."

Ugh, why did she have to bring that up?

"Yes, I'm well aware of it."

"And how do you feel about that, fairy godmother?"

"Are we seriously going to talk about my feelings, beastie?"

"Yes. That's all that matters to me. Don't be ashamed of your emotions. I'm here." she said, lightly touching the back of my hand.



Well crap this conversation is getting serious. I might have exhaled a little deeper and by that, she moved closer to me almost instantly. She put her forehead over mine and gently grabbed my face.

There goes my heart again.

"No, beastie..."

And for what happened next was clearly out of my control.

"But why?" she said.

I didn't completely understand how i feel but I was pissed. I'm sick and tired of all the drama for my entire life. And she expects me to share openly to her?

"I said no, I will not speak of my emotions just because you asked me to!"

"I am your queen and I command you to speak your heart out!"

I pushed her back enough so i could look at her with madness as my eyes turned green. I took a fist full of her golden hair, pulling it down hard.

"You!" I hissed, "You are not my queen, Aurora. You don't get to command me!"

There was fierce in her eyes. Her face was just inches away. We stayed in that position for a moment and I decided to loosen my grip a little. Her angry face can still be drawn beautifully and her scent smelled so alluring to me. And I thought, looking at her in this angle wasn't so bad. The expression on her face softened as she breathe out slowly.

"I know you're in pain, fairy godmother."

And that just ruined it. I gripped hard on her hair again.

"Beastie..." I firmly said, "Enough."

"And i'm sorry that I don't know how it feels to be hated by everyone. I can't possibly grasp the true meaning of your pain because..."

"Because everybody loves you, beastie. And there's no way that you will ever understand how I feel!"

"Why did you want to be alone with me exactly?" she looked at me in pain.

Why did i want to be alone with her in the first place? Oh...right... because I want to indulge myself with her scent, her voice, her eyes, her ever loving nature. I want to forget the cruel reality.

Her tears were starting to flood her eyes and I couldn't care less. I was confused of what's going on, there was a sudden change of her breathing. It was deeper, slower and warmer.

She looked at me with darker eyes and then she bit her lower lip...

"Grip it harder, fairy godmother. Harder..."

Her eyes were dazed and she smirked.
"No one ever dared to pull my hair like that." She said, "You're the first."

Aurora lift her other hand and traced her lips with her fingertips, looking at me.

"I feel so warm right now." she said, "I've never felt so stimulated by physical pain before, fairy godmother..."

"Aurora..." I said in a low voice, not breaking eye contact.

She reached out her hand and touched my lips.

"Oh, my fairy godmother..."


Aurora's POV

I wanna hold her when I'm not supposed to.

She got me drunk. Maleficent gave me a bottle of wine and I willingly drank the contents to the last drop. Oh right, I got myself drunk. Queen Aurora was drunk, who would have thought? Just because I'm eighteen doesn't mean I'm ready for adult stuff. Or Am I?

I was betrayed by my own sanity. I didn't care if the driver hear us fighting. She was hurting me. But It felt nice.

"Grip it harder, fairy godmother. Harder..."

How was this possible? I would never say these words. But this has been a part of my fantasies for quite some time. Thanks to the wine, I guess.

"No one ever dared to pull my hair like that." I said, "You're the first."

I touched myself the way I always do on my bed. Feeling my own finger over my mouth, I reached out my other hand to hers. I wish this could go on and on.

"I feel so warm right now." I wanted to let her know, "I've never felt so stimulated by physical pain before, fairy godmother..."


"Oh, my fairy godmother..."

I felt tingles around my breast, at the peak of its pointy ends. This was probably what they called puberty. 


Yeaaaah, I passed out after that. I'm not calledThe Sleeping Beauty  for nothing you know. I'm too tired and too drunk to tend on my raging hormones. 

Around 3 a.m, I realized that i don't have much friends in my life. The fairies, the crow, the prince, the flamingo, the witch, and the mother I barely know. They said that a gift is also a curse with good benefits. But a curse is still a curse even if its a gift. Maybe that's why i can't have more real friends. I could not trust someone who's affected by my gifts, and that's the curse. When Maleficent treated me like a normal human being, I instantly trusted her. Prince Phillip, on the other hand just want to get married and have kids for his own pleasures. 

I just...can't be friends with the people who loves me because of the gifts vested in me. 

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