Turn 17: Calling Your Name Again

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Maleficent's POV

I fell in love, or my hormones awakened from their long slumber in my body, and suddenly the goal of my days was focused on one thing: to catch a glimpse of my secret love. And it had to remain secret, because I had, of course, in the great tradition of tragic romance, chosen to love a girl who was totally out of my reach. She was a human; she was blonde and rich. She was also a young woman. I first saw her in the palace, lying comfortably in her cradle, of where I cursed her to death. She looked extraordinarily like a young angel—down to the ironic little smile. The total of what I knew about the girl who starred in every one of my awkward fantasies was this: that she was the daughter of my ex who betrayed me and sold me out to the royalties so he can be king. And that—this fact made my knees weak—her father worked his way to slaughter me in any way possible.

The day after the christening of Aurora, I met the queen, Stefan's wife. She was dressed in rag clothes wearing a hood that almost covered her face. She begged me to undo the curse I have given to the child. The queen kneeled and cried with such drama. I was stubborn I know, and I still am.

"Please, oh please..." she plead, "Stefan is sending away my daughter. I know he cut your wings off—I saw it in his chamber!"

I was overwhelmed of what she said. Oh dear, I guess Stefan was still head over heels for me. He displayed my wings on his chamber, huh—sweet.

"Is that so..." I said, "But why would you tell me that?"

She was forced to marry Stefan since the king promised to give his position to the person who can kill me; and when Stefan asked for her hand, the king couldn't deny much of his happiness that the sneaky selfish brat wanted her daughter. The king owes him a lot so he let him have the princess.

Princess Leah had no choice but to obey her father. After the marriage, they had a child and after I cursed the child—well Stefan kind of started beating her wife. He was oblivious and he blamed her for not protecting the child the moment I cursed Aurora.

"Please... as a mother, I want my daughter to be safe. The filthy fairies don't know how to raise any human being. They do everything with magic, it's—it's not normal. "

"Now what do you want, human?"

"Watch over my daughter Aurora, my dear friend..."

"We're not friends."

"You are Stefan's ex-lover,"

"Exactly," duh,

"You know how cruel he is!"

"Sure do,"

"He will throw me into the dungeon if he finds out I talked to you, Maleficent."

"You're not in love with, aren't you?"

"Never in my life... he's vulgar and a criminal, he is a selfish man of his desire." She hissed so hatefully.

Oh... ha-ha!  So we both hate him, I guess I found a new best friend. I smiled so evilly and turned my back to think of some evil plans.

"Maleficent," she moved closer and peered over my shoulder.

Our eyes connected and when it did, it seemed like the whole world stopped moving. My heart thumped against my chest. Her eyes pierced through me. Her eye lids lay low and I figured out she was staring at my lips. She leaned into me; I can't believe I was love spelled. I couldn't move away. She kissed me.

She pressed her lips even deeper as her hands roamed over my waist and trailed everywhere. It pained me when she accidentally touched my wounds, to where my wings were sliced against my skin. She noticed my whimper and she gently caressed my back. She pulled away and kissed my cheek softly. I was breathing hard as so you know I didn't kiss back, which I wish did...

"Remember my request," she looked at me and kissed my forehead, "goodbye."

Then she walked away...farther and farther until I could no longer see her slender figure. I was definitely spell bound. I froze there for a good five minutes thinking about what just happened.

She was the first woman that I loved. I made it an absolute fact that her violet eyes were the finest jewels I've ever seen.


She came back after how many years, I thought she was dead because that was what Stefan announced to the kingdom but he only kept her on the deepest part of the palace right beside the room of the dumped spinning wheels.

When Aurora and I decided to have children, she was unsure and nervous. She didn't grow up with her mother and have no idea on how to be one. It all reminded me of her.  How could I possibly forget the woman who took my breath away?

Oh god! She told me to watch over Aurora—not date the poor girl!

And I was so confused... I stopped everything in motion. Aurora froze just before we kissed and I walked away and summoned the magical mirror of the witches.

"Mirror, mirror of the evil gods! Show me the woman that I love!"

The mirror blurred, it tracked its way the palace and deep down until it reached a metallic door, my greatest weakness. There, Leah was cuffed in both hands and was anchored with a huge metal ball. She looked distress and unattended. How dare him do this to her!?

I went to free her from that disgusting dungeon. I commanded Diaval to destroy the door and transformed him into a gigantic bear.

We were reunited then.  I nursed her for a day and forgot about Aurora waiting for a kiss as I left her frozen that night. I don't know how much more I can take it but I have to do something. In front of me was the most beautiful girl I fell in love with. And her daughter was in love with me.

I met Leah when she was 17, and she was way younger than I am. I guess I've transferred my admiration for her mother to her as they both looked so alike. But I watch Aurora grow; I fed her, saved her, and befriended her...all for of Leah's solemn request.

Then I feel the pain, the pain in my heart. Silence brought me to my senses. Leah lay still on the soft cushioned bed, cuddling with the pillow. Isn't this the woman I longed to be with? I lost her once but now she's back. Would it be possible to have a second chance?

Yes it is.

I went back to Aurora and cast a spell. A spell that would make her and the citizens of the kingdom go back to the time two years ago, after the coronation of the new queen. I didn't travel them through time, but only on their minds. They are now living the days over again.

And as I left Aurora and Leah in the room, I wondered how it would come out. I presumed Aurora would think everything about us was just a dream that never happened. A dream that will be over, at least I brought her back to where she belonged. Aurora deserved a mother like her.

The memories in my head were enough to stop me from falling in love with Aurora. She was the replica of her mother.

I don't care what people will think about me. Because in the end—I will be happy for choosing what I really want. And isn't that what matters the most?

There's one thing that consumed my thoughts as they were talking in the room: I couldn't help but wonder, would she be happy with me too?

-Zevheen7 ♞ the dark knight

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