Turned 4: Royal Blood

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In the vast plains of the kingdom's backyard I flew past several towers to get into Aurora's balcony.

"There is evil in this world, and I cannot keep you from it." I remember my words quite clearly as they remind me of what's about to happen.

"I'm almost 16, Godmother. I can take care of myself." Sure she can take care of herself now. She's a grown up beast. What more can I possibly give that she doesn't have?

"I understand. But that's not what I have to tell you." I hope she'll understand that no matter what we do, deaths are inescapable.

"I have a plan. When I'm older, I'm going to live here in the moors with you. Then we can look after each other." Isn't she the most romantic girl ever?

"You don't have to wait until you're older. You could live here now." We could live our lives together, maybe for the remaining time that I have left.

"Then I will. I'll sleep in a tree and eat berries and black nuts and all the fair people will be my friends. I'll be happy here for the rest of my life. I'm going to tell my aunties tomorrow." Such a simple dream she had for herself.

"Until tomorrow," But we all know tomorrow never comes easy for those who were cursed for eternity.

"I'm so excited!" That smile though, it always messed me up.

"Don't touch me. You're the evil that's in the world. It's you!" Right...that was the first time she rejected me. It hurt me, more than I can imagine. When she found out that I'm the one who cursed her, when she couldn't remember my name, I reminded her, that I am Maleficent.

"I swear no harm will come to you as long as I live. And not a day shall pass that I don't miss your smile."

She stole what's left of my heart. And now she's going to lose me forever.


"I'm coming, Fairy godmother!"

"Aurora dear, are you done packing?"

"I'm quite done, godmother. I just can't believe we're actually doing this! I mean, can you believe it? Finally this has come to reality. You and me together in a place far away from the people we don't need."

She covered her face and waved her hands or more like fanned her face like there was something hot in it. She was flustered for some reason.

"Are you alright?"

"YES! Yes, fairy godmother, shall we go?" she reached out her hand; that tiny soft hand with slender fingers like her mother's.

I picked her up bridal style, knowing that this clumsy little beast is going to fall anytime she gets her attention to something else. She wrapped her arms around me and I got her with both arms carrying her tightly. I flapped my wings, once, twice, to gauge the weight and calculate the balance for the both of us. We took off and dive two floors down to propel our way out of this castle. Warm air lifted us up in the sky.


"You're very beautiful when you're with the sunlight you know that?"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I didn't say you look pale at night. I just think that your eyes turn really gold in daylight. Your skin blooms like sunflowers and you wings shine like the river reflecting the sun."

"Haha, don't fool me now, Aurora. Are you comfortable in this position?"

"It's okay, nothing I couldn't handle."

She gave me that stupid smile again. I felt something wet on my face. It must be the humidity in this altitude because no rain comes at this season.

"Could you wipe my face? Something is bothering me on my right cheek."

"Sure, let me just..." she wiped it gently while holding at the back of my neck.

"What is it?"

"Oh, it's nothing godmother. Probably just a mosquito bite, it's just a small drop of blood." A mosquito dared to bite my face!?

"Oh..." I replied casually as I hid my anger towards that silly mosquito.

Right then and there, I saw where the blood came from. Nothing had ever scared me to death. Like literally, to death. Aurora's finger was bleeding. I fuzzily recalled what happened. How the hell did this happen? Right, she must have grazed her finger with the spindle when she was waving around her hand, flustered over our little run away trip.

I felt my neck going numb and cold along with my face and arms. I was getting dizzy and so sick. My heart was racing and I lost my flight. We were falling quite faster than King Stefan. I made sure to cover her with my wings. At least I could protect her this way. She was screaming. Let me die protecting you, Aurora. I could see the land getting closer. I couldn't move but my wings are strong. It will protect, Aurora. It should.

And for my last breath I recalled my weakness, iron. Her human blood was filled with it, it touched my skin, it burned me lightly. Inhaling the scent of it didn't help me.

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