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23 Reasons Why Maleficent Is The Most Badass Disney Villain

You do not want to mess with the Mistress of All Evil.

1. First of all, she enters Sleeping Beauty like the total boss she is.

Remember how she whack the huge doors of the palace without knocking. Like she owned the place or something. What!? Bad girls don't knock.

2. Initially, when she hears she wasn't invited to Aurora's christening, she plays it cool.

"Oh, dear, what an awkward situation" says Maleficent. But acts like nothing happened and proceed to the baby Aurora.

3. Yeah, she may be the Mistress of Evil, but she seems nice, right?

"The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her."

4. Wait a second; this is starting to sound like a curse...

"But before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday she shall prick her finger on the spingle of a spinning wheel..."

5. Yup, she just promised to kill Aurora BECAUSE SHE WASN'T INVITED TO A PARTY.


6. She holds off an entire battalion with a sassy hand gesture.

"Stand back, you fools!" she said, stopping the royal army without a touch. I just like how she sway her dress. She's like 'touch-me-not or else!'

7. She can get a little cantankerous. But that's because she's a badass and everyone else around her really is a fool.

When her slaves were looking for a crib and a baby after sixteen years of searching for Aurora. "FOOLS!" that's what she screamed.

8. If you thought Maleficent was going to waste time on some silly song-and-dance numbers like other Disney villains, think again. Girl has an evil plot to see through!

Weel, duh! her curse is enough to scare her enemies away. No need for time-killer lazy songs.

9. Like any true villain, her eyebrow game is ON POINT.

Just imagine her eyebrow emphasizing 'so?'is way too sexy.

10. Maleficent also gives the fiercest side-eye, the signature move of villains everywhere.

Yep, that too.

11. She has the whole "evil smile" thing down pat.

When everything falls to her plan. You what that silly grin means.

12. Just look at her, cackling away with that perfect malicious grin.

And when she laugh, that means you're so dead.

13. And check out her evil throne. All real villains have an evil throne.

Like the witches, "Oh they're hopeless, a disgrace to the force of evil."

14. Also, her castle just looks nefarious. Crumbling floor and collapsing columns? "Whatever," says Maleficent.

But it's actually in the Moors, she just made it darker and scary. Aurora liked it though, she's really weird. just like when Maleficent tried to scare her when she was a baby but instead she smiled at her! I mean, when people surprise us we normally had this crazy reaction. But Aurora just smirked at her. She's unbelievable.

15. She'll even enchant household objects to be dangerous. She's like a murderous Martha Stewart.

Why Maleficent? Of all weapons and things in the place, why a spinning wheel when you can say a knife, or spoon, or sword?

Now tell me how did the whole kingdom made their fancy clothes without the spinning wheel? A hand made dress? No wonder the royal army only wear armours.

16. Boy, does Maleficent hold a grudge. Sixteen years later and she's STILL pissed about not getting invited to that party.

Yep, but she did try to undo the spell though it didn't work.

17. If anything, she might be a little too aware of how wicked she is.

"You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me!" She like being wicked. We all accept that fact.

18. Maleficent delivers one of the most epic burns of all time.

The Sparknotes version: "Prince Phillip, you're going to become a crusty old man before you can see your true love again."

19. When it comes to casting evil spells, Maleficent is a surefire Hall of Famer.

"A forest of torn shall be his tomb. Born through the skies on the fog of doom!" Very poetic, isn't it?

20. When she's around, the forecast calls for cloudy with a chance of imminent doom.

"Now go with the curse and serve me well. Round Stephan's castle cast by spell!"

21. And for her greatest trick yet: She can transform into a dragon. A huge-ass dragon.




23. If this happened in real life, Maleficent would eat Prince Phillip for dinner and think nothing of it.

How would like Prince Phillip to be serve in dinner? Hot or Cold?

Maleficent is rotten to the core, and we love her for it. Yeah?


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