Turn 13: Come Back, Be Here

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The morning after, I find myself enveloped with Aurora's arms. All the morning melodies were played softly, sang by the birds, and so I listened for a while.  She was so hypnotizing. Given the thought it wasn't long ago she was still running on the field and almost killed herself by taking off the cliff. How carefree she was...

"Aurora! Aurora!" Diablo came in breathless. She jerked slightly and looked at me.

"Good morning, Faye"

Oh she smiled... Smiling back, I averted my eyes to Diablo. What's with the screaming?

"Hey, I want you to meet Faye. She's–"

"There's no time for that, Aurora! Maleficent is getting married today!"

"What? This can't be." She murmured.

Wait... WHAT!? No.

"Well... I'll show them what early birds can achieve." She added.

Whatever you say, the early bird can have the stupid worm because mornings and worms suck.

The new queen fiercely moved across the room gathering her things. Aurora stood there, looking around frantically. Finally, she saw what she wanted. In a slightly opened drawer, she hurried over it and took the wand. While she was at it, I decided to start walking to the palace.

There's no way Ursula's going to use my body just to get the man she wants.

"Diablo, I need a ride." I heard Aurora said to him.

"Hey Faye, if you're going after that wedding maybe we can go together. Come on, hop in!" she said. The horse howled and we're off to go.

We arrived at the palace; Aurora was so calm walking down the aisle. Everybody else was dressed in formal attire even when they have their faces doomed and demonic. The tsanaks trailed along the first row of the church's pews.

"Oh, my Fairy Godmother! Why have you not invited me?"

Oh my goodness, was she mad because she was not on the guest list?

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry! You have no idea how sincerely I don't care." The sea monster bitch said.

"Malefica," Lixieus called. "I believe she won't cause us harm by any means, I wish for them to stay and witness our union. Her girlfriend can stay too."

"Her friend? Aurora has a friend? That's impossible! Maleficent was her only friend! I mean—I am her only friend." She stuttered.

"What do you mean? Look there at back, she's with a gorgeous Latina. She's beautiful... don't you think?"


"There... if I wasn't so obsessed with you I would really date her. But I mean it's too late now because we're getting married. So maybe we can proceed now?"

"Yes, yes please."

"Maleficent, stop this!"

She run towards her, grabbed her hand and brought it to her lips. Kissing them lightly, tears fell down her cheeks.

"You can't marry him."

Looking into her eyes, Aurora sought for something inside her.

"And why not," she said.

"Because I'm in love with—" suddenly the bells clanged. I looked up; it was those birds Aurora used to play with.

Louder and louder the bells boomed across the church.

"What the devil!?" All the demons shrieked, whining about the chiming bells of the church. "Aaah! Ugh! Can somebody silent the damned bells!?"

That's it! Their weakness was the holy chime of those stupid bells.

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