Turn 7: Bust your window

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It's been a week since I last saw her. I no longer cared for long days, and this one was way too long. Mired in an office signing papers for the upcoming events this year, going out on a parade, doing business with other kingdom, I was tired to the bone. Through the door at the end of the hall I could see the bed. Light from a lamp on the nightstand gave the room a soft glow. The bed looked so warm and inviting. Just a few more steps and i'd be there.

When I reached the end of the hall, i slipped off my sandals, turned out the light, and fell into the bed. Now all i wanted was to close my eyes and think of her. I rested my head on the pillow and pulled the cover over my shoulders. Just as i drifted off to sleep, there was a knock at the door.

"Go away," I moaned.

I rolled over, pulled the cover over my head, and buried my face in the pillow. Five sets of knock later the door fell silent. I sighed in relief and moved the sheet from over my face. A moment later, the glass window on the side of my bed swung open, bumped at the wall, little pieces of its crack fell down the floor almost cascading.

"If you're a robber, go ahead and get everything you want. Leave me alone, I just want to sleep..." I rolled to one side and ignore the robber.

"How have you been, beastie?"

I recognized it immediately.

Rubbing my eyes, I hastily turned to the woman which i mistook as a robber. Overwhelmed, i almost screamed, "Maleficent!"


"How long have you been back?"

"Just now, I thought I could visit you after a long week." Tapping my bed, she took the cue, sitting next to me.

"How was the annual meeting?"

"Oh, that..." she looked down for a moment.

"Is there something wrong, fairy godmother?"

"For the past week I've dealing with the problems of the witches and villains from other fairy tales. Ursula, the sea witch from the Little Mermaid shared a very confidential story about Ariel the daughter of King Poseidon. She said that Princess Ariel doesn't want her fins anymore; she wanted a pair of legs so she could spread them for the prince--" she said, "oh snap, I'm so sorry I forgot you're a minor. You're not suppose hear that."

"It's okay, I don't mind."

"Uh..okay, so... How's your date with Prince Phillip?"

"We're not dating, fairy godmother."



"I quit being a villain." she smiled to me, her eyes glowed in the dark room as if she was seeking for appreciation. She quit being a villain...

"But you're not a villain to me, Maleficent."

"I was, I am."


"Yes, I was. I am no good friend, Aurora, don't justify that."

"Okay then, why?"

"Because I fell in love with---someone." her breath hitched as well as mine. My heart pounded against my chest. Did she meet someone special at the annual meeting?

"Did you find someone special?" I wished i didn't asked that. I anticipated, holding on tight to the bed sheet, waiting for her answer.

"Actually, yes." Just like the window, I could hear the scattering of the pieces of my heart, cascading as they fell one after the other.

"And I want to start something that could change my life, Aurora." I was silent.

"I know it won't be that easy. You okay, sweetie?" Only I've realized, tears flow down my cheeks, I was crying in front of her again. This can't be. My gifts from my Aunts were fading when I'm with her. I swiped the tears and worked my face to smile. Sure it didn't show in my eyes, i wasn't glad at all.

"Yeah, I'm-- I, uh... best wishes for both of you. You should introduce me to him, Fairy godmother."

"Thank you,"

"You've finally found your mate, I'd be happy if you're happy too." I said giving her the most genuine smile i knew i had.

I know I'd be happy to see her smile; someone had actually captured the wicked witch's heart. And without a thought I brought my face in front of her. Closer...closing my eyes, i brushed my lips into hers. I hated it.

"Goodnight, Maleficent. I have to sleep, sorry I'm really tired I can hardly blink my eyes...please, would you let me sleep for now?"

She touched her lips, I didn't care she'd curse me again. What do you expect me to do, hide under my bed, under my Aunt's skirt? I bet she didn't mind, it was just a peck anyway.

"Alright, goodnight." Maleficent stood. "Goodbye, Aurora"

I guess that was it.

In my mind was the last song that played in the bluest melody. I imagined an actress on stage, or an opera. She was dressed in black, with an overly sized classic hat. The music played first in a soft viola.

Love of my life—you hurt me,

You broke my heart and now you leave me.

Love of my life can't you see,

Bring it back, bring it back,

Don't take it away from me, because you don't know, what it means to me.

Love of my life don't leave me,

You've taken my love, you now desert me,

Love of my life can't you see,

Bring it back, bring it back,

Don't take it away from me because you don't know what it means to me.

You will remember—

When this is blown over

And everything's all by the way—

When I grow older

I will be there at your side to remind you how I still love you—I still love you.

Back - hurry back,

Please, bring it back home to me, because you don't know what it means to me -

Love of my life

Love of my life...

-sevheen7♞ The dark knight

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