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Before she came to this town, she was happy, normal.


The bat came down upon her victims again, crushing their sculls and leaving their body as a bloody pulp. Her victims, the ones who she used to call friends, were long since dead, yet she brought the bat down again, causing a pillow of blood to splatter her posessed body. The bat never was her first chioce of weapon, she had always prefered her trusty hatchet, because of how it could tear through a victims body slowly, but keeping them alive and screaming.She smiled at the memory.




She dropped the bat and began scratching her neck. The paranoia was becoming progressively worse, and eventualy she dug into the skin; causing the filth and maggots to spew out from her insides. If only she had trusted the ones who trusted her. If only she had never crossed the invisible line this cursed town had made to protect their darkest secrets. Maybe then she sould have been happy. But it was way too late, and she knew the past couldn't be erased. Part of her wanted to forget all this and to just run away, escape and pretend that she had never done something so terrible. The other part of her wanted to stand over those friends, those bodies now lain infront of her, torn to peices, and laugh. Laugh, because she was foolish to have thought her self worthy of having these friends. Laugh, because they couldn't do anything now, they could neither smile at her and tell her about how good their friendship had grown, or push her over the thin border between normality and insanity, making her fear even herself. But right now she diddn't care about anything else. She lay down next to the carnage she had caused and fell into a long and peacefull sleep, never to open her eyes again. And for the first time in longer than she could remember, she was happy.

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