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𝗦𝗘𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗧 𝗗𝗔𝗨𝗚𝗛𝗧𝗘𝗥 ✓ by nxttxwn
Kinn love Porsche very much and would go to great lengths to please him, but his world was flipped upside down when he learned that Porsche had a secret daughter, who di...
He who no one understand by Vivian_Henituse
He who no one understandby Vivian_Henituse
One day Ron was interfilterating one of Arm's secret bases. They got news from the world tree that they must retrieve the treasure that was hidden in the deepest part of...
Red Means I love you by Myaoulri
Red Means I love youby Alka Ri
(Cale x W.s) Red had meant everything to him, and one day, he saw the very red he thought he would never see again. This was reason why he started it all. . dear r...
React to LCF by IrEnE_ArAbEllE
React to LCFby ~Irene~
The title says it all. I really love the novel also I found a lot lcf react fanfiction. That's why i'm thinking of making one. I hope anyone who read this will like it. ...
tied My Heart♡Vegaspete Part 2 by Fat43tihah
tied My Heart♡Vegaspete Part 2by Fat43tihah
just part two for my first one-shot of vegaspete warning ⚠️ smut ahead
World Against Us by VioletRubyyy
World Against Usby Vrby
A story about the so called hero of the continent and the cruel villain aiming for the world destruction. But, what if they are not what it seem? What if fate and law of...
Maiden Of The Count's Family by Synthia9646
Maiden Of The Count's Familyby Senara
[Principle of Universal Law] has woken up A black-haired girl has woken up from her eternal slumber just from the chaotic energy surrounding the divine realm. [What so...
wrong number by PotatotatoSalad
wrong numberby ...
Random offgun story .. ~an off gun story with Tay new as the side couple ~
Winter Is Coming (A Bucky Barnes Fanfic) by thecastlebuilder
Winter Is Coming (A Bucky Barnes thecastlebuilder
S.H.I.E.L.D. has a new super human to worry about. At the same time, Bucky Barnes is introduced into the Avengers as the Winter Soldier. They soon find out that the new...
Kidnapped | RAINBOW98 by Paton98
Kidnapped | RAINBOW98by Paton98
Casey is having the time of her life. She's 18, allowed to drink and she's ready to hit up the night clubs. One night, Casey parties a little TOO hard and a unknown man...
Crimson Blood [DISCONTINUED] by arteleonnacruz
Crimson Blood [DISCONTINUED]by 𝑨𝒓𝒕𝒆𝒍𝒆𝒐
Blood. That's what most people think of as they lay their eyes into a certain red hair guy. Cale Henituse, the owner of that hair, that fiery red hair with a pair of red...
If that's what you want by christinaruk
If that's what you wantby 💚Offgun 💚
Arranged marriage? NO WAY! offgun short story Written in English All photos are not mine. Credit to the rightful owner.
It just happened[OffGun Au]✔ by OffGun_JpolAtp
It just happened[OffGun Au]✔by Avav
In which, Off stars in same series as Gun as supporting role , but who knew he will end up Falling in love with him. -BoyXBoy -Pure Fluff Started - 23 May 2021 Ended- 1...
Offgun fantasy by christinaruk
Offgun fantasyby 💚Offgun 💚
One shots Based on real events + my imagination🍀🤤 Offgun married 💚 Read it please 🥰 (9/2020-12/2020) All photos are not mine. Credit to the rightful owner.
STOLEN by mamab0ii
STOLENby mamab0ii
One day, Joss not only stole others' girlfriend but the boy's heart along as well.
Saving Bucky Barnes  by champangebaby
Saving Bucky Barnes by Cass
Loving you isn't easy, but if love was easy then it wouldn't be worth fighting for
Crush imagines (fluff) by Manglepony3
Crush imagines (fluff)by bitch no
yeah, fluffy. fluffy everywhere. Oh and requests are open too UwU
Taking Chances by MalikhaingBinibini
Taking Chancesby Monique
An OffGun fanfiction. In every story, there's always a secret that needed to be revealed but It take lots of courage to do so. Off Jumpol is one of the heartthrob in the...
Catalyst of Distinction by shixchix
Catalyst of Distinctionby cale's nonexistent slacker li...
Same beginning, different endings. Two realities with different catalyst. HE is the catalyst of the distinction between these two universes. [TCF reaction fic]
SMASH OR PASS- a slenderman×reader story by saddwalnut
SMASH OR PASS- a slenderman× xen
this is for all the shawties out there *winks* ☆°~______________________________~°☆ - COMPLETED - "So, what do you think of Slenderman, Smash or pass?" "...
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