my stepmother

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Dad has been acting weirdly, since one week he looks nervous and worried. And when he talks to me a times he stutters. And he doesn't kiss me or hug me like he use to, just very fast. Is he hiding something from me ? I took my bag and walk downstairs. School has resumed and my project is ready. Oh and if you are asking for my birthday spanking, yes it was given to me.  I walk to the kitchen and heard dad discussing on the phone in a kind and soft voice.

Good morning day ! I popped out behind him.

Emmm ? I will call you later. He hung the phone. Good morning baby. He look surprise and he was breathing nervously.

Who was that ? I ask cursing him to cough.

Emmm ? No body interesting ?
He said while reaching for his coffee.

Dad, are you hiding something from me ? I ask feeling hurt. He almost spit the coffee on my face.

No, if the time has come I'll tell you what you need to know. He said looking calm.

Why not now ? I said with a frown.

Not now is still early ! He said while reaching for his suit.

But I wan..........

Not now, let's go. I just stood there with a frown on my face.

Come let's go, except you want a spanking with the belt like the other time. He was walking away.

I sigh but followed him, we arrived at school he wanted to kiss me but instead I opened the door and walked away. I know he is feeling hurt. But later I'll fix things. Now am 14 so am gonna  act like one. I walked to liam and the lads.

Hey guys I said in a sad tone.

Hi niall, what's wrong ? Harry asked.

Nothing see you guys during lunch. I walked away leaving them worried.


It was during lunch I walk to the table of the boys and sat down. I just eat my lunch silently while the boys chat. I huff and push my lunch.

Niall is everything OK ? Louis ask

No, nothing is OK. I said while throwing my hands in the air and groaning loudly.

What is you calm down and tell us about this. Liam suggested.

I door wanna talk about some fucking issue. I said

Niall fix your attitude. Zarn said.

I don't give the damn of it. I said really angry.

Whoa someone is really fuming. Harry said while laughing.

Harry will you shut your trap ! You guys are just been jerks. I spay at them. Liam pulled my hand.

I have had enough of you attitude. You are angry doe's mean you will take it on others. He pulled me to the bathroom and I followed. He bent me over the toilet.

Stop liam you can't do this.

Smack smack Smack Smack you will not curse at us again.
Smack Smack Smack Smack
Oww stop it, it hurts like hell.
Smack Smack Smack Smack don't curse you are too young
Smack Smack Smack Smack
Am sorry please stop
Smack Smack Smack Smack
Will you discuss like a mature boy ?
Smack Smack Smack Smack
Yes Sir. But stop please
oww, he pulled away from me standing me up. I can feel the tears want to come out but I held them back I can't cry in school. I walk after him and we sat on the chair. Hiss but didn't cry.

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