Happy birthday.

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Today is my birthday, which I don't of, am not used to celebrating my birthday. The last time I celebrated my birthday was when I was four, mum was always there for me, when she died i was five and no one cared about, I was sent to boarding school and when it was my birthday, the kids beat me up, pour bowl, and bad stuff on me. I just made sure no one celebrate my birthday. Dad might have forgotten, maybe it will hurt me a little later I'll be alright again. My chest doesn't hurt anymore after the incident that too place in Harry's, the boys have become extremely kind with me and the always make me smile or laugh, most especially Liam and dad, is strange, never mind they can't hide something from me. I walked downstairs seeing dad getting ready to leave.

Hi Niall am going to a meeting, take care. Dad didn't even give me a kiss.

Wait ! He turn back and look at me. Emmm call the boys so that the can stay with me. I said hoping for a yes.

No, the are busy and I trust you, you are a very good boy. He said with a smile.

But..... The next thing I notice was that dad has gone, without a hug nor a kiss neither telling me that he loves me.
What is wrong with dad to day is my birthday, am suppose to be celebrating. I walk back upstairs after eating my breakfast. Maybe dad not caring about my birthday will hurt me more than I thought. I lay down on my bed looking at mum picture I just sigh, then took a little nap.


Niall we are going somewhere, go get ready,

Where are we going to dad ?
Just get ready don't argue with me.
Now that am ready where are we going ?
You'll see ! They entered the car in front of the building.

No no I don't wanna stay here.

To your grandparents house here we are.

Dad please take me back home, I don't wanna stay here. Please.

Stop crying like a baby you are staying here all your live, with Mr Hilbert.

No no no.

Mr. Hilbert beat the hell out of him. Use the wippy cane, the one that touch the floor and gives permanent scar.

No, dad you can't do that.

Come here you bastard this is your birthday give. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa !

Noooooooo !!!

End of dream

I was panting, no no dad can't do that I got out of the bed, running down stairs only to see dad.

Ahhhhhhh ! I was panting and backing off.

Niall are you OK ? Dad asked looking worried.

Yeah, I started painting slowly. And telling myself it was just a dream, your dad can't do that.

Are you sure you are alright ? Dad make me seat on his lap.

Yeah am fine, it was just a bad dream.

It rather be, go get ready we are going somewhere. Dad said with a smile. I shot up from his lap, that was exactly what he told me in my dream.

No, where are we going ? I look at his green eyes.

Just get ready first, he said looking at me surprised.

No am not ! I said with a frown.

Go now niall, don't make me spank you. I can see it is getting to his nerve.

I said no ! This was the first am doing this to dad.

Fine then I'll force you. The grab my arm, but I just struggle he is very strong.

Stop it ! Leave me alone, is my birthday I have right to do what I want.

I don't care ! He smack my butt, and pull me to the room. I just stop struggling am terrified, does it mean dad doesn't love me anymore. He took my red long sleeve and force my hand into it.

You are getting a spanking with the belt. Dad warned, he pull me to the car. It was a silent ride, I was terrified, I didn't want to return back to our grandparents.

Dad ?

Hmm ?

A-are we going to grandpa ?

Yeah, we have arrived. The house was different this is not grandpa's. Dad walk inside, then I followed him. Dad disappeared in the dark. Then I step in both scared and courageous.

They all scream, Liam, harry, Louis, Zarn, daddy, grandpa, grandma. My other grandparents ( my mum parent) Clara, Lara, Gabriel. Uncle mark, uncle john, Daniel, marina, mike, Scott, and many others I was so happy.
Dad knee down to my height.

I want this to be your best birthday party ever. They all cheer as dad kissed me. I hugged him back we all did a group hug with the boys.

Everyone was dancing or eating or doing others things I had never feel so happy and secured. It was time to cut the cake the boys lifted me up to my throne. I even had a throne it was very funny I loved it. Then I cut the cake with everyone by my side.

Wait, I almost cut the cake but I stopped.
Where is Dicky, Nicky, and Ricky with Mr. Jack ?
I asked and I heard a wuff wuff
They were running to me with Mr. Jack now that they I here I cut the cake and the took a picture. They all cheer everyone wish me happy birthday and the gave me a gift. My favorite gift was Ricky, Dicky and Nicky, without forgetting my phone, yeah dad got one for me and the boys got laptop and liam got tablet. I slept in one of the couch with my three friends. And said THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. then I closed my eyes. and drift to a peaceful sleep.

hi guys ! this is so close to the end, I'll be writing another book but I have not yet updated. bye love yeah, oh wait don't forget to comment and vote. 👼👼 bye by Luna Louis give ideas and sent them to me.

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