first day in high school

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Eight years later after the death of Niall's mother

No ones POV
After the death of Niall mum everything was going so bad his dad will hit and blame him for everything since he was six, then he was sent to a boarding school at eight, till he became 13, now back home to begin an abusive life with his father.

Niall POV
I sat down on my bed looking at an old picture of my family as tears made there way through my cheek. So many years has past why can't I just stop been sad I said to myself. I heard footsteps coming toward my room, I quickly hide the picture under my pillow if dad sees me with this he gonna punish me.

Niall dad POV
I enter Niall's room and found him sitting on the bed, he came back from boarding school this morning in fact he was expelled due to gang fight in there school he is so gonna get it. I stood and shut the door behind me while Niall just look at the floor not making eye contact with me. We stayed in silence till I spoke. "Niall look at me," I ordered, he just flinched and did nothing I was so angry, has he forgotten how I deal with little brat like him. I just move close to him and pulled him up very roughly I pushed him to the bed, cursing his back side to face me I took off my belt and began to whip him
Whoop whoop whoop whoop
Whoop whoop whoop whoop
You will whoop never whoop again whoop disobey me WHOOP! I pulled him up and he yelped in pain as tears drip from his cheeks, "is that understood?"

Niall POV
After the whipping he asked me if I understood, I was just feeling pain on my bum and didn't want to talk. Then he slapped me across the face and I scream, he ask me again "is that understood?"

"Y-yes Sir!" I sobbed.

Niall father's POV
He answer me after a sound slap, I heard a sob escape his lips, I was so furious about what his school told me. "Niall what the fuck did you do?! Why were you expelled?" I asked and he didn't reply instead he look at his hands, "well then, you don't wanna reply I will teach you a lesson," I said in irritation, I pull his ears and he fellowed me in tears to my office I ask him to stand in the corner while I went to cut a switch outside, when I walked back in, he was still in the corner I ask him to pull his jeans and come over, he did as told and I turn him, he was facing my disk while I was just behind him, I began spankings him till his back side was dark red and he was full on sobbing, I sent him to his room. I sat down on my office chair and started think about her once again while I felt tears in my eyes.

Niall POV.
I open my eyes only to found myself in my room laying on my belly, I turn on my back and immediately regretted it, it was so painful that I had to shot up to my feet, I took my bath brush my teeth, and dressed in a black skinny jeans and a red long sleeve shirt, I didn't dare go downstairs, just remain in my room writing in my diary.
I heard footsteps coming toward my room and the door handle was gently turn open and I saw the emotion less face of my dad then he said "go down stairs and eat something later you get ready we are going somewhere," he walked away leaving the door open. Immediately I quickly made my way down stairs while thinking about the place we maybe going to.

A few minutes later dad entered the kitchen holding the car keys. "Go to the car I will be there in a few minutes," that was all he said.

"Why? Where are we going to?" I asked.

He narrowed his eyes "GO AND SEAT IN THE FUCKING CAR NOW! He yelled at me and I ran to the car not wanting to talk to him. Maybe he was taking me to and an orphanage I almost burst in tears at that thought "why? I don't wanna end my life in an orphanage," Dad enter the car and started the engines, I sat in the back seat not wanting to make eye contact or come close to him.

Niall dad pov
I saw the look on his face I could tell he was hurt and scared that's why he sat at the backseat, I sigh in anger why do I even care about him he is just a little brat and I'm gonna teach him a lesson.

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