I didn't do it !

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We arrived at grandpa George's house after a long and silent ride, grandma welcome me the driver took my things to my so call room.

Oh son you gonna love here. She said while hugging me.

I just nod, but I didn't hug back.
Grandpa George join us in the big living room.

Hmm, welcome to the first step in your life, there are rules in this house and you are not suppose to break them. Is it clear Williams.

I just nod, yeah my second name is Williams dad has only call me that once. But mum has never called me that. I hate that name.

Verbal answer, the Number one rule. He said while taking his hands behind.

"Yes sir" I said while looking away.

Number two, when I am talking to you, look at me right in the eyes. He said while pointing his eyes with two fingers, while the other hand remained behind.

"Yes sir" I didn't look at his eyes I can't. Unfortunately for me a boy entered the room, he hug grandpa.

How was your lessons son ? Grandpa asked.

Fine grandpa, it was great the boy replied with a smile.
He looked at me with a confused look.
Who is this ?

This is your cousin "Niall William" he is here to learn just like you. Grandpa said while looking at me.

Oh, hi my name is Daniel, he said while shaking hands with me.

Hmm, nice to meet you, I said with a suspicious look. I know this kind of kid good in front of others but mean when he is with you.

Come I will show your room, he walk and I followed him.

Don't run in the room or play it is totally unacceptable. Grandpa said.

Yes sir, I said still didn't look at his eyes, I could tell he was annoy.
We walk upstairs, it is really big in we walked in a long hall there were many doors at my left and right, it is really big like 100 or more rooms. We saw some men placing a statue of was golden and fragile. Grandma was instructing them.

Hey Nana was this ?. Daniel asked with his green eyes popping out.

Oh Daniel you are so cute. This is you grandpa price he just won it. No one comes close to this, or your grandfather will be really furious. OK ?

"Yes sir Nana" Daniel said while crossing his fingers, grandma didn't see she was just too busy. Four doors away from the statue, Daniel showed me the fifth one.

This is your room. Have a bad day he gave me a big fake smile.

Ok  thanks though. He left while huffing in anger. I entered the room it was really big, with a white bed, the room painted white, white desk white everything. They most be lover of white. I lay on my bed after arranging my stuff. Why ? Did Daniel wish me a bad day ?, this thought was torturing me. Not until I heard a CRASH ! It was really loud. I heard footsteps running, I ran out and there the statue lay shattered on the floor.

Oh no I said in a very low tune. Some one was standing in front of me, it was grandpa. He slapped me really really hard, that I get knocked down.
Oww ! I just touch my now red cheek.

What did you do William. I thought I told you not to come close. Grandma scold me.

I-i didn't do it. I manage to say.

Oh now you are lying, that is just PERFECT ! Grandpa yelled at me.  He looked at one of his body guild and he pull me up, while grabbing my arm focusing me to follow behind grandpa.

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