How it all started

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A five years old Niall was playing with his toy in his room, when he heard loud noises coming from his parent in the living room, he hide behind the door and heard them screaming and shouting at each other, tears ran down his cheek.
One week later
Niall POV

The same scenarios kept happening, when I am back from school I always hear mum crying in the room and dad was no where to be found. But today when I came from school after the school bus dropped me, I saw mum sitting on the chair her hands covering her face probably crying, I ran to her.
"Mummy no u no cry " I removed her hands from her face she hugged me very tightly, saying that she loved me, "mummy why things no like they were before? You no love dada again, u no hug me again why?" I said with tears gathering in my eyes, she cried harder and hold me tighter, we both sob, we stay like that till I fell asleep, I heard her say "I will always love you."

Few hours later
I woke up looking for mummy and I heard them again, this time I went to the door and press my ears on it, I heard a crash on the floor I immediately open the door and ran to mummy saying "no no stop don't hurt mummy," I was full on tears and I held my mum tightly. Dad came to me and slapped me across the face.
Dad: "you this stupid little thing get out! go to bed now or else you ..."

Mum cut him off "what?! Will you hit him again? You know what I am tired of all your shit! am going with my son bye," she lifted me up to her hip and started going I didn't want to leave Dada I was now full on sobbing she just walk me out while dad ran after us and said "well you may go I don't need a fucking depressed bitch like you!" She entered the car and put me in and buckle my seat belt she started the car in a full speed, I saw dad went inside.

We were now on the road, mum took a little bottle out of her bag while driving, she took all the pills in it in a hurry and focus on the way, she was on a full speed while wiping tears away from her eyes, I saw a big lorry coming towards us. "mummy," I called but she didn't look at me, "mummy!!! I tried again this time She look at me as the bright light of the lorry shun on us. before she could do anything, we ran right into the lorry with a full speed and there was a black out.

At home
Mr James horan POV.
I was so angry with her, an I stared drinking while running my shaky hand through my hair, I was so angry at myself too. The phone rang, I hesitated before picking it up.
J: Mr horan. And p:police

J: hello?
P: are you Mr Horan?
J: yes what can I do for you?
P: your wife and son just had a terrible accident.
J:what? no! It must be a mistake
P: just come to the hospital close to the mall
End of call
I hung the phone and I ran to the car saying over and over to myself " this is not true, they're just wrong people."

When I arrive in the hospital I talk to the receptionist and she took me to the police men, they gave me all the things belonging to my wife. I felt my world came crashing, they lead me to her room, there she was laying on the hospital bed with bruises, I felt tears making their way down my cheek. I ran to where she was laying, touching her blond hair so smooth, her beautiful blue eyes closed and her breathing so slow, wiping the tears from my eyes I kissed her. Hoping she'll make it.

Few hours later
I was told she would not survive so I stood there in the doctor's office hearing all those horrible stuffs, I went back to her room and she was slowly opening her beautiful blue eyes I went to her side and sat down on the bed.

"I'm so so sorry I shouldn't have talk to you like that, I was such a dick," I said in tears.

She spoke in a soft and low voice as if it was difficult for her to speak, "honey I have forgiven you, but please promise me you will always protect our son and love him," she grabbed my hand.

I replied "yes," in a croaky voice, she smiled and closed her blue eyes as she drew her last breath, I lend in and kiss her soft lip,
now I was full on sobbing and crying out my heart. I held her close like my life depended on her, I just wanted to die along with her.

few hours later after she was taken away the doctor called me to tell me about my son Niall.

"Mr James your son is in a comma he will live, but beware he might die due to another shock like this, because his heart is not strong like it was before," The doctor said.

"why?" Mr James asked.

"Well some pieces of glass chuck his chest during the accident, we needed to operate him, we retrieve some but just one little one got stuck in the middle of his lungs, we can't retrieve it because it will cost his life he is still young maybe when he becomes more older, we can do that but keep him away from any brutal action,"

Niall dad POV
I don't fucking care he should just die," I mumble to myself.

Niall pov
Few days later after the accident we buried mum I could not stand it, I was crying, I didn't want her to go, my uncles, aunts and grand parents where all present, I could hardly breath I was just sobbing out of control just wanting to die along with her but my uncle mark lifted me up and I cry on his shoulders we were all dressed in black, either crying or wiping our eyes, Later that night I stayed we my uncle mark and his wife Stella with his daughter marina. When I was put to bed, I said to myself in tears this is the terrible day of my life, I ended up crying myself to sleep.

Hi guys is Luna tnx for reading my story I am so grateful hope u guys are enjoying it I will soon update the next chapter bye !!!

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