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Mr James Horan : 25 yrs old sad and devastated by the death of his wife and abuses his only son when he gets into trouble.

Niall Horan :14 years old, blond and cute but lonely and sad, cause he always find him self been abuse by his dad and he doesn't know why. Often get in trouble .


Zayn Malik : 17 years old love his friends and very affectionate.

Liam Payne : 16 yrs old calm and loving .

Louis Tomlinson : 15 yrs old loves to know very curious but get angry easily.

Harry styles : 15 years old youngest( before Niall joined) very cool loves playing pranks and cursing a lot.
  Hi guys here is Luna that's speaking, hope u enjoy the novel be careful very sad story hope u will love it bye .

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