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Niall POV
I am back since one week now, and the news about liam been my brother is great am happy for that. But something is wrong with me, I don't feel myself I don't feel free. But anyway.

Niall ! Dad called from downstairs.

Yeah am coming, I jug downstairs.
Yeah you called me.

Well I will be dropping you at Scott's. I have an important meeting.

Really ? But why can't I stay here.
I'll be good, am always good.

I know baby, but you also need to distract yourself since you came back you are always in door you refused to go out with the Boys, you are always reading. Please do it for me.

OK, I sigh, I'll go get ready. I ran upstairs I don't wanna go to Scott's, he always put me in trouble. I went downstairs after putting a black skinny jeans and a black top with a red long sleeve jacket.

Guess who is here liam, he is going to Scott's so he will take you. Dad said with a smile, but I've got a better plan.

Oh nice. Why can't liam stay here with me ?

Honey you know we've already talk about it. He sigh
I trust my life to you, I just want you to have a great time. The plan failed then dad gave me a long kiss.

OK, bye I wave and walk to liam, we discuss about few things but went it come to my holiday with my grandparents I always avoid it. We arrived at Scott's.

Hey guys, mike greeted, he is Scott's elder brother.

Hi, we both reply but I said in a low tone.

Niall are you OK ? Mike asked

Yeah, sorry I gave him a wild fake smile. Then we went in.

Ohh my gosh ! Niall Scott hug me really really tight.

Hi Scott. I hug back

How was your holiday with your grandparents ?

Emmm ? Why can't we race to the park ?

Sounds okey !

WO WO guys you are not leaving this housing. Mike said and liam nod.

Fine then to my room ?

Okey, 3 2 1 go he ran then I was just walking,  I know running in the house is not good you might hurt yourself or break something. I left the big guys to talk. And went to Scott room.

I won and you fail ! Wayyy !
No we are gonna play games.

Sorry I have forgotten how to play one.

Okey then we wrestle !

No we can get hurt, I said totally not interested. I just look around for a good novel.

Then we can play pranks on my brother and yours.

No no the will be angry. I said while picking a book, is been one hour now and I keep saying no to Scott's play.

Why can't we read a book instead.

That is totally no, I down wanna read a damn book ! YOU ARE NOT FUCKING FUN ! BOOKS BOOKS I AM TIRED ! FUCK YOU ! Scott just yelled at me and walkout, I went to Liam.

What is wrong with Scott. Liam asked.

He yell at me then ran out. I can't tell them he cursed at me, mike will spank him. I sigh then seat.

Why ? Mike asked

I was really mean to him, saying no to all his proposal.

Why don't you say sorry ? Liam asked with a smile.

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