my tutor

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Grandpa's POV
He is kind of scared.
Williams this is your tutor, he will teach you all you need to know the rules and regulations, is that clear, I want him to look at my eyes.

Y-yes Sir, he look at my eyes and return back to looking his fingers.

Hmm, let's get started Williams, you need to learn, many things.
Mr Hilbert said with a frown on his face.

Niall POV
Can't believe what, grandpa did he ask some that bruised my hand to be my tutor. I can't believe this, in two days time I will be going back home, I glance at my right to see my tutor Mr Hilbert. He entered a library and I followed.

Take those books. And come with me. He pointed at some tones of big books. And I just picked them with this books on my hand can't see where am going, they are too much, it covered my view. We entered in the lesson hall. I took a sit and dropped the book on the table, and it made a loud sound that echoed in the hall. My so call tutor just glared at me. Oh no, I feel a pull my hand, before I can do anything I was bent over the disk and 10 pain smacks from the cane hit my skin.

Don't ever disrespect you books again got that ?

Yes sir. He released me, it hurts a little but I can't cry for this, it is nothing to be compare with what I received from grandpa.

Take this, I want you to finish all that book before tomorrow. And write a short note on it. He is deadly serious as always. My eyes went wild.

I can't sir. What did I say, oh shit.

Repeat that again. I didn't hear you. He is close in front of my desk.

I say I-i can't. I say it really low.
Owww, he slapped me.

You need to learn two lessons from this action, first never say you can't when you can. Second speak loudly. He said while going round me. It that clear ?

Yes sir, he walked away, leaving with this tone of book. I am starting with " ORIGIN OF AMERICA " I red it before that's why I am picking it first is gonna be easy.

I have been reading for one hour now, I am feeling bored. I need to be distract myself. I stood up and ran out to the garden. I am looking for the puppies. Thanks goodness, I have found them, we play like two hours. When I check the time, I ran back to the hall constantly looking my left and right, no one have notice, I sigh I was in for it. I picked the books and went to my room. I was feeling too lazy to read the others, I will do it in the night. I tidy my room, sketch, drew, coloured. It was dark outside, how I wish I was home.
There was a soft knock on the door. I hopped out of my seat, reach for the books and pretend to be reading come in.

Sorry for disturbing you sir, is time for dinner. Clara said which after she left.

I finished my dinner and went back to my room. I am too tired to read, so I slept without finishing my task.

                  Next day
Oh no, I didn't read the books shit, shit, getting up I got ready as fast as I could. Black skinny jeans, black top, red long sleeve jacket. I picked the books and walked out, there were too many books so it covered my view, I am not tall, so I can't walk straight, I moved from the left side of the room to the right, I trip on my foot and fell all the books shattered on the floor, even worse of all one of the books got torn, my foot hurts. Right in front of me stood Mr. Hilbert.

See me in my office, Williams. He just walked away.
I picked the books and got on my feet. Falling back.

Oww. This damn foot. I curse

Sir can I help you? Clara coming from no where standing in front of me.

Yes please help me with the books, take them to the lesson hall. Thanks, I got on my feet with the pain, going to Mr. Hilbert office.

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