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"Breathe honey you can do it!" Encourages a crying man beside a woman's bed. Maids rushed about the room tending to the woman who lay on the bed screaming.

"Get him out of here!" A maid huffed, the man was becoming a pain, he was flustered and a emotional wreck. The woman that lay on the bed began to exhaust and then in one sudden spasm she lay limp.

"Noooo!" Screams the man, clawing at his dead wife's sweating face. "Get him out!" Orders the maid in charge and two woman usher him out, screaming.

One of the maids pick up a tiny baby and bundle it in cloth. "A girl," breathes the maid.

—————— somewhere out there ———————

The commander watched the screens that showed these events, he had finally found the perfect candidate. "Send them in," he orders and guards com other guards.

The commander turned his stone-like expression back to the screens and observed his candidate; black tufts of hair and stunning green eyes bore into him, or more like into the cameras that were placed in what the natives call a 'hospital building'.

He watched as the events played out like a film.

"BANG BANG!" Thumps on the floor. The maid holding the newborn baby squealed in surprise when large hands came near her neck, snapping it, she falls to the floor still clutching the babe.

The mysterious figure reached down and picked up the babe, holding it away from him like it was dangerous.

He carried to babe with outstretched hands, carrying it to another room, an operating room.

The figure placed the babe on a table and other figures appeared as doctors and surgeons. Tools were laid out on a side table beside the babe.

They placed a breathing mask over the babes nose and mouth, sending it into a peaceful sleep.

The surgeons picked up their tools and starting drilling into the babes head to get the job done.

————— a few hours later——————-

"The implant is successful sir," a guard coms, "good, return immediately and leave the infant with the natives," reply's the commander.

"We're going to leave it sir?" Questions his second in command. "We'll be back for it, for her, when the its the opportune moment," the commander says, a sadistic smile creeping over his pale, human-like face, his eyes black with no whites or pupil.

"Don't you think the natives will notice why she's different?" His second in command was too curious for his own good, the commander sighed mentally. "The implant is a new and more advanced model, the humans may notice her superior strength and agility but other than that they'll think she's just like them." He reply's, his tone laced with boredom.

The second in command nods his head and turns back to his screen, adjusting it to follow the candidate who was now being transported to a native family.

The babe wails, it's strong lungs being used to their full extent. The mutation would be working just about now, her body will be gaining new muscles, extra bones and she would be able to access the full extent of her brain unlike the natives.

The mysterious figure who had murdered the maid, turned down alleys and dark streets. Finally stopping at a door step he lay the babe down, kissing the babes forehead in goodbye.

"You will do great things for us little Rowan," he tugged at the note which was tied around her ankle, simply saying:

Lies here is the future,
Please care for her,
Her name is Rowan.

Holding in tears the mysterious figure slowly stepped back and knocked loudly on the door. He quickly retreated, looking back one last time at the babe with shining green eyes, her wailing had stopped when rain gently started the fall on the dry earth.

His black eyes flashed in pain, he disappeared into the streets, taking shelter in the shadows of the buildings.

The door opened slightly, as if nervous. A wave of heat came for, behind the door. A short woman with brown locks poked her head out, looking at head height for the mysterious caller.

The woman was about to close the door when she heard a giggle, her heart stopped, she looked down to see a small baby. It was so tiny she thought it must be just a newborn.

"Cain come here!" Calls the woman and a tall man with black hair appears behind her, he looks down at the babe and frowns. "What is this?" He says dumbfounded. "A baby silly! Obviously abandoned," she frowns, looking around widely, expecting someone to materialise out of thin air to claim the baby.

The babe turned its bright green eyes on the woman, the woman's breathe hitches and she leans down to pick up the baby and hold it in her arms. The woman's baby bump only allowed her to go a little way down before she decided she couldn't reach the babe.

"Cain can you pick her up from the floor?" The woman huffs, Cain reaches down and lifts the baby with outstretched arms, the baby giggles in delight of her new parents. Cain's heart melts at the melodious giggle, he pulls the babe to his chest and tucks the babe into the crook of his arm, gently swaying her.

"Pfff, of course she likes you better," the woman chuckles. "Don't feel so bad honey, maybe the next one will like you better," Cain says, flashing a toothy grin at his wife.

"I think we should keep you," Cain chuckles and rubs his nose against the babes nose, obviously captivated by the baby. The woman gives Cain a nervous look, "come on Terry, it won't be so bad," Cain whines.

"Fine," Terry gives a small smile, reaching her hands out to hold the baby. Cain hands the babe over to his wife, catching a dangling note from the babe's ankle, reading it.

"It says the babe's name is Rowan," Cain states, "a beautiful name for a beautiful baby," Terry whispers, enchanted like Cain was with Rowan, holding the babe close to her chest.

They both turned back into the house, closing the door as they went to go introduce their new family addition to their family.

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