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paisley and her brothers  by GenGenetics
paisley and her brothers by GenGenetics
paisley, being a freshman? no problem...well that's what she thought. she is super excited to be in high school & experience dating, going to parties, making new frien...
My Thirsty Step Brothers (J.JK X K.TH X Reader) by ChunkyTurtles
My Thirsty Step Brothers (J.JK X Aesthetically.Sarah
Y/n was adopted by a rich father, and his two sons, Jungkook and Taehyung. Taehyung is sweet and flirty while Jungkook is cold and demanding. Both brothers have a dirty...
Defom -- A Love Story❤️❤️ by Anukrishganesan
Defom -- A Love Story❤️❤️by Anu
This story is about unrequited love finding its final haven❤️❤️ About two beautiful people who fight against their own egos, against all odds to find their love in the...
Memes by actively_inactive
Memesby Black Lives Matter
Get your daily dose of memes ;)
Tried For Error by CBNellnebach
Tried For Errorby C. B. Nellnebach
"Previously known as... Scarletstroke: Girl assassin" * No hesitation * No killing of children * No killing of innocent people * No emotions * And defenitely...
Best Stories I've Read on Wattpad by tomatobucks
Best Stories I've Read on Wattpadby T
This is a series of books that I have really liked and would like you to read as well because if you haven't read it, you're missing out on all the good books. *This i...
The Phantom of The Phantom of the Opera by BrendaDaaeDestler
The Phantom of The Phantom of BrendaDaaeDestler
Catherine Daei is a young soprano who lives in Paris. She is the understudy for the part of Christine Daaé, the main character in the famous musical The Phantom of the O...
ILIOS | h.s by blcnde
ILIOS | h.sby lils
"As his lips pressed to hers, and her eyes shut with sweet acceptance, the only way to describe how she was feeling, was golden." On the island of Crete two yo...
"you want to control everything," I tell Colton. He leans across the table.....
The Greatest Crime Never Committed  by CamandCasey
The Greatest Crime Never Committed by CaseyandCam
26 year old Danny Collins was not your typical good guy, in fact he wasn't a good guy in anyway. Coming from a bad home with a rough childhood and being born into the wr...
My life as a Dilf  by Beyra76
My life as a Dilf by PapiGuii
Rufus Monroe, a 55 year old Dilf is looking for some hot babes to fuck.
My Recommended Reads by molwar
My Recommended Readsby M
Just some of my favourite stories here on wattpad
Not my type  by imagine_addictangels
Not my type by gray <3
You start off your year at a new college and your roommate try's to get you but little does he know that your harder to get then most girls Life gets better and worse...
Little Lisa [BTS x Blackpink] by stayarmy_forever
Little Lisa [BTS x Blackpink]by ✨ stayarmy ✨
For those who like little space stories. Namjoon is a caregiver and Lisa is a little. This their life. Lots of fluff. Maybe some angst. There is no smut in this story. E...
Us vs everybody  by LashawnaYoung
Us vs everybody by LashawnaYoung
Read to find out......😁
THE MYSTERIOUS BOX by dazzling_ruby578
THE MYSTERIOUS BOXby dazzling_ruby578
A 16 year old girl and her bff is on a trip to a forest and they found something mysterious so read the rest 😂😊
Beauti And The Streets by JackieMosley3
Beauti And The Streetsby Author Jackie Mosley
What happens when a prostitute loses her memory?
Hamilton Imagines by ihavethebestaccount
Hamilton Imaginesby ihavethebestaccount
fun and sexy imagines with your favourite hamilton characters ✨✨
Hold Me by BrendaDaaeDestler
Hold Meby BrendaDaaeDestler
{An Edward Scissorhands fanfiction} Set in modern day. Paige Thomas is a nineteen-year-old girl with a seemingly simple life. That is, until a fun dare from her friends...