1: I dare you

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I shove the woman away, desperate for some space to recover from the hard blow that now swelled around my stomach.

She flashes me her toothy grin as if to say 'come on girl, that all you got?' I glare at her in return. I re-establish my fighting stance, ready for her to strike next.

She steps slowly towards me, keeping her arms up in a defensive position. "Come on girls! Us real men want to get a hit in the ring," a man from the sidelines calls out in a bored tone.

I turn my head to look at the man, sizing him up, as I always do to anyone who approaches or speaks to me. It was instinct and weird in a way.

While my focus was on the man who had so rudely interrupted my concentration, my opponent took the opportunity and kicked my abdomen area.

I groan in pain but stay on my feet. She lashes out like a cat again and connects her fist with my jaw. Ouch.

"Come on Rowan, I didn't think you were this pathetic," she spits at me before my feet. I hiss in annoyance and spit in her face as a reply.

"Eeeekk!" She squeaks, my spit drooling of her forehead. I grinned in triumph and jab at her side so she winces.

Evading the punch she had so carelessly just threw I leap behind her and jab at my targets; It was weird, my body just instincts knew where to hit, my coach said it was a fighters gift.

She fell to the floor face-first like jelly. I chuckle at her expression and reach down to pick her up by the arms and went to sit her on a seat out of the ring.

"I cant feel my legs!" She squeals, it hurts my ears since I was so close but I try to calm her down by saying it was only temporary.

My coach approaches from behind me, I turn to face him with a grin plastered on my face.

"You will never cease to amaze me Rowan Clark, well done, I guess this makes you Britains kickboxing champion for this year." He sighs and slyly takes money from his pocket and hands it to a man sitting on the bleachers.

"You were betting against me?" I gasp, "Rowan, sometimes you gotta take a risk," he sighs trying to shrug off his embarrassment.

I punch his arm a little too forcefully but he deserved it. "Ouch! Don't you have somewhere to be?" He groans in pain.

"Oh yes! School! Ill catch you later Coach!" I say goodbye to him and rush out the door with my back pack in hand.

I rush through the school entrance, my body is coated in sweat from the fight. I rush into the lady's restroom and change into my school uniform which looked like something from a historic documentary.

I pack my bag with my sweaty clothes and rush out without even bothering to check my appearance which I immediately regretted when I entered my english class.

I could almost picture my appearance in every detail; my black hair, usually tame and silky was now ruffled and a birds nest, the black bags under my eyes almost looked like black holes and the sweat that beaded on my forehead.

I turned to face the class boldly, a snigger started a chain reaction and a large number of giggles erupted.

I glare at them, eyeing every single one of them until there was silence. Good. "Ms Clark I presume?" Asks the teacher I had never seen before in the school.

"Yes Ms-?" I ask as a question, "Mrs Green, I am the substitute English teacher for today." She smiles at me and I relax.

"Now go find your seat dear and we can start class," Mrs Green ushers me towards a table no one had occupied and I sat my self down on the plastic chair.

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