6: Excuse me?

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Conner waits outside, sitting on the rocking chair outside on the sheltered porch. He hears faint footsteps from inside the cabin and grins to himself, she is so gonna get punished for resisting the recruitment. When the footsteps near the front door he immediately starts to sore loudly.

Conner waits a few seconds more, still snoring loudly before hearing a loud THUMP, against the front door, she kicked it. Conner would've burst out laughing but that would have blown his cover. Loud thunderous footsteps trail away from the door and Conner ceases his snoring.

Standing quietly, pulling a paper clip from his combat boots, he works on the handle of the door. Hearing the satisfying click, he grins and opens the door. A chair falls back and starts to fall to the ground, grimacing he lunges for the chair, catching it before it falls.

Freaking Sparky set up a trap. Thinking through numbers of cusses and curses he quietly walks towards the kitchen, stuffing cans of spaghetti into the bag he brought with him. These rations would last him a month alone.

Paws sounded behind him and he turns quickly to see a German Shepard looking at him curiously. It seemed to like him, more so than Sparky. When he first approached the cabin he watched as Sparky practised with her handgun, when she shot the dog barely flinched.

The dog must have had a military purpose or was involved with the police force. He looked closer, notching how the markings looked so familiar, Officer Jenkins. The name came to him, his spirits dropped. He now knew why the dog was attached to him.

Officer Jenkins was an old friend of Conner's before Conner left for the army. Just recently he had heard that Jenkins had adopted a police dog, training it to become one of the top k-9 agents.

He patted the dog on his broad head then stood up. He ran through the plan in his head, thinking of any possible outcomes that could get her to come with him willingly.

He stood there silently, thinking.

Then he heard a blood curling scream from the hallway. He took long strides towards the room, barging through the door. Sparky layer in the bed, sweating and crying in her sleep. Her breathing was ragged and fast paced.

He didn't know exactly what to do to help her, he was only here to recruit not to deal with their problems. Sitting on the side of Sparky's bed he silently waited for her to calm down.

Taking in her features he noticed every detail: black hair that looked like it needed a wash, angelic face, pale and sweating, her body curled into a tight ball, dressed in a long shirt with no bottoms. The scar on the side of her forehead led him to question if she had been in some kind gunfight or a brain surgery.

When Sparky didn't show any signs of calming down, he took her hands and caressed them, hoping his touch would calm her. She was too isolated in this forest, no human contact to comfort her. Conner guessed she was around the age of 17 or 18.

Sparky relaxed slightly when he caressed her hands, her breathing was still ragged and the sweat that gathered in her forehead was still evident but the tossing and turning had stopped. Conner felt some sort of longing when he touched her hands. Longing for someone to care for and someone to trust.

He too a chair that was sitting in the corner of the small room and pulled it so it was positioned to be right beside the bed. He sat on the chair, still holding Sparky's hand.

Time passed and Sparky eventually calmed down, sleeping peacefully like she hadn't had any problems before. Conner lets a sigh, wanting to get up and go eat something, hide her supply's so she'll go with him or some horrible shit, but as Conner thought about getting up, he felt his eyelids droop and close.

He was sent into a deep sleep after all those sleepless nights before.


Sunlight crept through the curtains of Alisha's room. She woke slowly, her eyelids wanted to close and send her back to sleep but she forced them open by sheer will when she felt an odd warmth in her hand.

Holding her warm hand up she silently curses. A large hand, a man's hand to be exact was clutching mine. Alisha trailed her gaze up and saw Conner, bent over in a chair beside her bed.

Hissing furiously, she yanked the hand towards her. Conner woke immediately at the unexpected jerk, opening his eyes and found himself in slow motion, looking into furious green eyes. Then her fist came towards him. Holy shi- Conners thought was cut off when the fist connected to his nose.

Luckily it didn't break his nose, but it still hurt like a bitch. He recovered from the blow after a few seconds, Rowan left from the bed, bending her knees in an attack stance. Holy fuck she knows how to fight, probably just a lower level though compared to military.

Feeling cocky, Conner walked towards her. Rowan lashed out and tried to pinpoint the nerves that would potentially save her life. Conner caught one of her wrists and pins it to his chest. Rowan then uses her other hand to rain a blow to his ribs.

Conner grimaced when he felt the fist connecting to his ribs, he was sure she had broken at least one, this girl could seriously punch! Before she could do more damage he manoeuvred his legs to trip her. Letting go of her wrist she fell back, landing on the hard floorboards.

He towered over her. Rowan waited, expecting the final blow to knock her unconscious. When she felt no blow she smirked, softy, stealing the opportunity, she knocked his legs from under him and he fell.

Straddling him, she lost control, putting her hands around his neck. Watching him strain for air as he flailed around trying to dislodge her. One side of Rowan was cheering her on but the other wanted to stop. Her brain was going haywire.

When his face went purple, Rowan found herself at crossroads: have mercy on him or kill him and become the monster she knew she would become when the disasters happened.

When tears threatened to spill, she released. Conner breathed deeply, rubbing his bruised neck. How the fuck did I do that? Rowan started at her hands, wondering how such hands could do evil's work.

Rowan sat there, still straddling him, her mind was in a daze like it had been fried from being overworked. She was mindless. Conner looked at her with a new fear in his warm brown eyes.

Rowan rose slowly then sat on the bed, completely mindless and oblivious to what just happened. She couldn't think, she couldn't work her own limbs her self. Her mind ordered her limbs lay back down on the bed.

Her eyes trickled with tears, holding it all in. Conner stood looking shocked at her, how could she walk away so easily from him after what she almost did?

Then the sobs came, unconscious sobs racked her body. They weren't even tears that had meaning, they were mindless tears. Lying, paralysed on the bed, not able to control any limb in her body, she cried.

Conner stood at the side of the bed, his mouth still gaping at Sparky. When she kept sobbing he felt sympathetic, even though she had almost killed him, he reached out to Sparky. She was hurt, lost and wasn't in control.

The mutations are working their way through her, if she gets to animalistic I'll have to do the job. Conner thought. Looking back at Sparky before he left.

The dog growled him outside the room. Clearly upset that Conner had attacked the dogs master. Conner backed away from the dog slowly, towards the front door.

The dog barks angrily then sprints towards Conner. Damn it! Conner sprints for the door, closing it behind him and kept it closed as the viscous dog brutally attacked the door.

Conner thought he would be fine. That was until the monster came.

Snarling, growling and above all, breaking the door off its hinges.

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