2: Too late

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Rowan and Alexis made their way past the doors of the crowded high school, Aidan still following close behind. A slight tint of cherry red was still evident on his soft cheeks. All three of them spotted the big yellow bus parked directly in the sun of the parking lot.

What seemed to be the last student had got on the bus. "Crap!" Muttered Rowan, watching as the doors of the bus began closing. Rowan sprinted for the bus making her black hair flow carelessly behind her.

"Come on, we are going to miss the bus!" Shouted Rowan, motioning for Aidan and Alexis to catch up. Aidan caught up to Alexis who seemed to be beating him too the bus. The careless teenagers raced each other to the bus, forgetting about the annoyed parents and stressed students driving cars around them.

'Damnit!' Thought Alexis, as Aidan ran past her giving her a quick wink as he arrived beside the bus that was about to leave. "Really? You could have gotten run over!" Complained Rowan, rolling her eyes at her snarky, witty, careless sister, and her sisters Cunning, Ambitious, careless best friend Aidan.

"But we didn't," corrected Aidan, earning a quick blush from Alexis. Oh how Rowan hated when Aidan stood up for her little sister. "Whatever," sighed Rowan, not bothering to argue with them about their safety, they would simply never listen to her go on about her worried big sister stuff.

Alexis earned a few quick smirks from Aidan as Rowan attempted to get the bus drivers attention. Rowan began knocking on the doors of the bus and shouting, but the bus drivers mind and gaze was focused on something else.

"What's he looking at?" Questioned Alexis, putting her face against the glass door of the bus, squinting at the scared bus driver that just sat in his chair gazing out of the window. His facial expression almost seemed dead, or stunned. Aidan quickly caught on to the suspicious situation.

Aidan turned his gaze in the same direction the bus driver was facing. Panic flooded his veins as the ground began to rumble. Buildings were moving back and forth like rag dolls being thrown around. Screams echoed as teenagers ran for their lives.

"Alexis, Rowan!" Shouted Aidan, trying to talk over the frightening sounds of terrified screaming teenagers pushing past them and buildings shaking. All three of them searched for their balance as the shaking ground increased sending them all into shock.

"Crouch down!" Screamed Rowan, grabbing Alexis's arms. She finally shook into reality and took her big sisters hands and sat beside her. Rowan held her close to her in fear she would lose her in crowds of teenagers.

Aidan crouched down beside them leaning his athletic back against the side of the yellow bus. Rowan held her shaking sister close to her and she closed her eyes trying to wake up from what she hoped was a dream.

Lamp posts, the sides of buildings and signs fell to the ground, disguising into the rubble surrounding them. The bus shook back and forth making Aidan hold onto Alexis' shaking cold arm. The sound of screams echoed in the background enough to send shivers down your spine.

The sound of crying parents calling for their children played in the background, it was a horrific sight. The parking lot floor went silent. The buildings around them stopped shaking.

The world around them seemed safe again. Rowan opened her eyes hoping hoping what she would see next was the end of what she felt was never going to end. The powerful sound of waves crashing over took the sounds of crying teenagers stuck under rubble. Alexis quickly stood up.

She thought it was safe to investigate, she was wrong. "Guys, I think it's saf-" it was too late, the huge tidal wave hurtling towards them seemed unreal. It towered over them like a giant. "NO ALEXIS!" Screamed Rowan, attempting to latch onto her naive sister's arm, but it was too late.

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