3: Had Enough

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Alexis. Gone. Aidan. Gone

Rowan feels her heavy eyelids flutter open. The sunlight blinds her eyes but she opens them wide open, sinking in her surroundings.

She was beached on a hill of debris. She gasps when a stinging sensation made her wince and stagger when she tried to rise. Her hands were still clutching to the log that had saved her. Her fingers pale and strong around the log because of the fear of dying was so recent.

She let out a shaky breath and stood up fast to try faze the pain coming from her leg. The pain rises in waves and she screams from the attempt to stand. Rowan sobs helplessly into her bloody hands, wanting her family back.

Rowan drags her self onto the debris island and lays flat on her back, biting her bottom lip to suck back the pain that insisted that she should scream. She fingers something soft in the debris and pulls it out to identify the strip of cloth. Probably from a victim of the tsunami.

Her fingers worked shakily, the sun provided the warmth she needed. Her back muscles hurt when she tried to sit up. Her gasps were fulled with pain, the cuts, the bruises were all evident.

Her eyes trail her bloodied body and down to her legs. Her stomach rising in her throat and then she emptied the contents of her stomach next to her. Bile left a bitter taste in her mouth so she spat the rest out.

Her leg. Torn so deep she gags again but nothing is left in her stomach to spill. Rowan cups water beside her and cleans her leg, her hands shaking like mad, her legs splayed like they were paralysed.

She moans in pain when she wraps the clothes around her now clean leg, hissing as her fingers tied a knot to stop blood gushing out.

The amount of blood loss were taking affect, her body was exhausted and the sun's warmth didn't make it any easier to stay awake. Rowan brings her hand to her neck, fingering her half-heart necklace, half of her sisters heart. Rowans wails of grief tore through the silence of the crisis.

Her tears soon stopped, every tear possible was shed. Her eyes lids felt heavy, eventually closing and sleep claimed her.


"ALEXIS! AIDAN!" Rowan screams, her voice breaking into sobs. Her leg screaming in pain. The log gently flowing with the current, dragging her down with it.

The debris in the water bumped against her legs, some sharp objects and others hard, but both bruised and cut into her. She hisses in pain and attempts to bring her legs close to her body.

She raises her head again and attempts to call out for any sort of help, "ALEXIS! AIDAN! ANYBODY! HELP!" It starts loud and as a scream but it dies down into a whisper.

Rowan looks to the sky, maybe she expects an angel to take her away from this hell but nothing comes, maybe she's not worthy. Fuck everyone I can survive on my own, she thought.

Rowan keeps sky gazing when an object flashes into her vision. A loud shrill sound radiates from the flying object, turning her mind to mush, her thoughts fried and her body became limp, her eyelids closed and she last though of her sister being swept away by the hungry water monster.


Rowan wakes, sweating, her body fulled with adrenalin, fear living like a parasite in her stomach. Just a dream. She moves her arms in a supporting stance and she sits up, her cuts on her torso still sting but mostly numb.

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